Thursday, May 28, 2015


Well, as smart as Audrey is, she's a bit forgetful, so I made it through the night unscathed.

To celebrate (haha!, any excuse will do) we went out for breakfast before hitting the jobs at home staring us in the face.

Our favorite restaurant in the area for a delicious, quick but relaxing breakfast is the Hard Stones Cafe. To our surprise, the name had changed when we arrived. Creek Side Restaurant is the new name and, thankfully, the menu had not changed. Creek Side? That struck me as an odd name since the restaurant is located by the Rideau River. Oh well, it has a nice ring to it.

Look what we got from our dear friends, Iain and Susan.   PERENNIALS!
A whole trailer full.
Susan was thinning out her beautiful gardens just when we are starting ours.
So on this wet, chilly morning we popped by to happily take them off their hands.
We certainly have our work cut out for us now.
And if that wasn't enough, Susan baked fresh from her garden rhubarb and ginger muffins served with excellent coffee. *grin*

"Thanks so much for sharing your plants, guys. We promise to give them a good home."

Pop over and visit Susan at

hugs, Deb


  1. How very kind of her to share these wonderful plants! I know they will be beautiful. Don't work too hard. Will Audrey supervise?? lol

  2. Catching up! You are Audrey just love to "poke" at each other! You hit the jackpot with perennials. Enjoy!!! So nice to have friends who supply plants and muffins.
    Purrs and hugs ....

  3. So many plants, what a sweet lady Susan is! That muffin looks pretty awesome also.

  4. nice...a win/win for all of you!

    I want one of those muffins...I can almost smell them! That photo is torture! haha...

  5. Dearest Deb,
    That is love if one shares things from the garden. Planting like that is a treasure and oh, those rhubarb and ginger muffins sound delicious. Love rhubarb but here it is too hot for growing any.

  6. Beautiful flowers ... beautiful friendship!
    Have a nice weekend. jarka

  7. That post of yours made me want to do something with my rhubarb! That's great that you got so many big perennials! It's nice to have someone to give them to when it's time to divide. -Jenn

  8. After a bit of a forced absence, I am catching up with the past few blog pages. Love seeing baby Audrey, your gawjus garden, baked delectables, all the photos and hearing how you are loving and settling in. TY for your beautiful contribution to our world.

  9. I would say you have excellent and very special friends -- ones who will be with you on every blooming day through those gorgeous plants1

  10. OH! All those plants! How cool is that?!

  11. Wow, the retired-guy looks overwhelmed pushing that wheelbarrow full of plants to the trailer! He know what's in store!
    The muffins look delicious - will she share the recipe with you and you can share with us? I'm sure others would love to have it!!
    We (in Kansas) are enjoying cooler than average temps for this time of year and the Weather Channel says we are going to have a cooler summer than what we normally see. I, for one, am truly tickled about that. Then, glorious Fall!!

    Your mouse-house looks really cute. I'm so happy you are able to fulfill your dream of moving out to your family home in the country. Everyone would be so very happy if they were able to do that - me, included :)

    Keep up the great blog, Deb - and I love your cats (I have 12 myself and 1 bulldog). I get tickled at the personalities yours have - you need to get another couple to go along with Audrey and the gang.

    Best to you & the family
    Glenda Campbell, Kansas

  12. What fun you will have with all those lovely plants! Susan is some gardener, huh! Wonderful!

    Enjoy your weekend