Wednesday, May 13, 2015

E is for Easy livin'.

BEST EVER comfy cushion.
I was just about to teach Audrey the E letter but she very rudely closed her peepers and fell asleep again so today's word is EASY; EASY LIVIN'.

All you cat-owners (is there really such a thing?) are probably much like me.  I'm always concerned about the health and comfort of my little felines and will gladly give up a spot on the couch or wait 'til the little darling wakes up from yet another sleep on my bed before making it for the day. And I can never pass up the latest BEST EVER comfy cushion for my three princesses when visiting the local pet store for the 2nd (or is it 3rd?) time this week.

Oh yes, he's never forgotten either. He's just now working in the MOD DAWG. EASY life, I tell ya.

And when it's time to watch TV there's nothing better than an Easy Chair, right Annie?
                                              "It's an ESS but call it what you will."

It just occurred to me that I don't have an EASY chair. Why doesn't that surprise me?

hugs, Deb


  1. Your pets all look very comfy and cosy. Love Annie's beautiful green eyes.

  2. Well...It's nearly two over here...And, l'm sat
    out on the patio, enjoying a very strong Moka
    coffee..! With a little friend called Flossy!
    Flossy lives a couple doors away, and often pops
    round for a saucer of milk, a chat, and a play in
    between the wooden banisters....Then she flakes
    out, for a little...zzzzzZ! Bless!
    There ai'nt nuffink easier than 'E' for Easy...!

  3. Deb, I visited a new-to-me pet store yesterday, and the way the money was flying out of my wallet, you'd think I just hit the lottery! Anything for my furry friends, but I'll say that I scored best when I plunked down the cardboard box from an empty water-bottle case, and voila! Cat resting inside of it within five minutes.

  4. What a love you are! Yes, I will give up the blanket for the kitty! Kane is just the prettiest dog ever.....lovely photos!

  5. I do understand, Deb. DH gives up his easy chair whenever Ghost stands by it and looks at him. He's such a push-over. But I find myself putting off vacuuming a room if the cats are sleeping there... not to disturb them. Yes, they do have it pretty easy.

  6. Sounds and looks like my house!
    Purrs and hugs.....

  7. My easy-chair is wherever the cats let me sit...

  8. Yup our fur babies be it cats , dogs what ever are all very important to us and a bit spoiled I would say hehe ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. A lovely blog about your kitties and Kane .In our house everything is also about our sweetie Mikki .she goes first in everything .She takes our chairs our bed and it is O K with us !!

  10. All of my cats prefer chairs to any cat bed I might bring home. Sometimes I have to get out the little folding side chair for myself if they look settled in.

  11. The cats look so very content at rest, as does Kane. My dad, who for most of his life was standoffish with cats, would go to another chair instead of disturbing a sleeping cat if she was on his usual chair, after retirement.

  12. I don't know who is enjoying this letter learning more, Audrey or me. It is so cute! I know what you mean about not having an easy chair. By the time the dishes are done at night, there is no place for me to sit in the living room. I have squeeze in between Eli and Weetie. :)

  13. My heart always feels happy to see our family enjoying a comfy spot

  14. At our house the cats pick the chairs they want and we get the leftovers (the less comfortable ones!) That's just life with cats and we love them.
    Glad your guys get nice comfortable beds from the pet store. Ours love their ess, too.

  15. Oh always make me laugh!
    Great post....
    Enjoy your evening...move over Audrey!
    Linda :o)

  16. We love to spoil out pets...that is so true! I, too, wait to make the bed if some fur ball is asleep in it!

  17. Such sweet pictures of the fur babies. My cat, Kaboodle (that looks like Audrey) began to have seizures about the time our little dachshund Harriet died. We also discovered she has thyroid problems. So far, both conditions are under control with meds.
    Thanks for your visits.