Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A little on Davy

I'm a little dumbfounded today.  Gobsmacked, really.

In October of 2012, I photographed a tabby cat that was becoming a frequent visitor at our lot in the country. We were just at the beginning stages of planning to move here and were having our septic and well installed. Every-time we arrived, we were greeted by this gorgeous big tabby cat who would come running to greet us. He was strong, handsome and a mighty hunter. In his mind he 'owned' our lot and no mouse was safe from his fearless hunting skills. I named him Davy after Davy Crockett as he, too, was a mighty hunter and frontiersman.  :-) Here is the post I wrote back then.


Over the winter we discovered that he lived next door along with 5 other out-door cats and 2 dogs.
We have enjoyed having the tabby-cat visit numerous times since moving to the mouse-house. Having a cat keep you company while doing yard work is lots of fun.
Today I had the opportunity to talk to the owner over the fence.
"Your tabby cat was over to visit again today, I said. It's a male, right?, I asked.''
He said, "Yes, it's a male and he's a big mush-ball. He loves everyone."
"What's his name?", I asked.
"Dave" he said.



I kid you not. His name is Dave.

Do I know how to name a cat or what. I was stunned.

Here he is this morning. Flat out for a tummy rub. Look at his little tongue.

Only a cat could make dead grass look beautiful.

So, Dave is my next door neighbour and I expect you will see a lot of him. Haha..I'm still laughing over this.

Today I planted beef-steak tomatoes and two yellow bean plants along the fence. I have a fragrant pot of rosemary near the old well that will be lovely to cook with. Hope it grows well. The pansies are looking strong and healthy. I added a humming-bird feeder to the old maple. We've been having warm, sunny days and just a little bit of rain. It's perfect weather for growing.
The nursery just called and the lily of the valley is in. :)

Off for my walk.


  1. Wow...that is AMAZING!

    So funny...

    I just found a sweet patch of lily of the valley in the back of my blooms yet but it looks promising! How did it get there? Such a fun surprise!

  2. Deb, that is just too funny! I mean, wow, can you name a cat or what!! Love Dave(y) and so glad he comes to visit often.

  3. How precious is that? I have always said you are an angel on earth....your little Dave knew that on his first visit...he's darling!!!!

  4. How cool is that! You called him Davey, and his name is Dave! You obviously have psychic leanings, imho.

  5. Oh, that is too rich! I love it! And he's so friendly and adorable. I'm glad he has a good home -- and that his home is next to yours!

    You're brave planting your tomatoes now! I get nervous before mid or tail end of May even though it was very warm Sunday. But lettuce is in. And I got radish seeds, so those will be in today or tomorrow!

  6. How funny is THAT....Dave, and I bet he answers well to his name, from both sides of the fence :)
    He's a beaut.
    Happy tomato planting, I hope you are free from

  7. I believe you are a Cat Whisperer! I do prefer Davy, though... :)

  8. That is simply amazing! I agree with the comment above, that you are an angel on earth. You are very special and somehow knew his name had to be Dave or Davey.

  9. Lilly of the valley spreads like wild fire and is very invasive hard to maintain in one area I just finished digging a bunch out that reseeded in a place I didn't want it to be for the second year in a row lol . Oh my you must have ESP lol ! That would freak me out to WOW !! Sounds like you are well on your way to lovely gardens and getting more wonderful birdies visit . Hope all does well for you ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. It's all as it's supposed to be. From Dave's name to the call about the Lily of the Valley. Good karma abounds,

  11. What a surprise, then again, maybe not! Yes, you know how to name your kitties. And they know they are loved by you. Great story and your property sounds just wonderful. I'm sure your garden will flourish and the visiting wildlife will appreciate your loving hand.


  12. So sweet! Dave is adorable, Deb. Enjoy gardening with the kitties. I have an outdoor kitty - 2nd generation feral, born around here in 2008 and befriended by me - still here. She oftentimes follows me around as I work in the garden too. She likes me and my hubby but disappears when anyone else comes around.

  13. Dave knows a cat lover when he sees one! I'm still waiting for "Pierre" to show up! ;) ;)
    Purrs and hugs.....

  14. LOL You sure know your cats, Deb! That is hilarious! It is so good to know he is appreciate at home, too, and well cared for. The name David means "beloved" and I think it fits!


  15. I'll bet that Dave was named after the cat in "Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat". It's a children's book that I loved to read to my girls. Henry and his dog Mudge find a cat (who they say looks like mashed prunes). When they find his owner, the owner exclaims, "Dave!"

    I think I loved this book so much when I found it because we had our own 'mashed prunes' cat at the time. Patty was old, and she was failing, and she didn't look her best most of the time. But she was still a love, despite her appearance.

    (totally freaked me out that you randomly called this cat by a name that's so close to his real name. You must have ESP or something.)

  16. Dave (or Davy) is a good lookin' guy. And since you mentioned rosemary growing by your well, I want to tell you that my SIL has a large vegetable and herb garden and when we were there this weekend, he made us some tea from rosemary, spearmint, and lemon mint. It was delicious!

  17. That's quite freaky with Davey's name. Maybe you have some kind of telepathy going with him.