Friday, May 15, 2015

The old stone wall

This morning, while on my daily walk, I was surprised by the scream of a bird as I happened by it's nest. It was a Kildeer and she sat protectively on her eggs right in the gravel only inches from my foot. I damn near had a heart-attack until I realized what the screech was from. I've always known they nest like this but still can't figure out how any of them survive what with the wild-life and the elements. It's a mystery.
Come along and I'll show you some of our stone wall on the property.
 But first, here's the latest visitor to our lot. This dog lives next door and decided to come-a-callin'. Not sure of it's name, yet, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this gorgeous canine.

There are many things I love about this little piece of my ancestor's land and right at the top of this list is the stone wall.
It goes right across the back of our lot, up the left side and corners the front.

I can picture my great-grandparents piling these rocks as they cleared the land for the house and barn.
That would have been around 150 years ago.
My great grand-parents, my grand-parents and my mom have called this land 'home'.
There is lots of work to do including planting a garden at the cat gravesite.
In some spots the rocks have fallen and are covered in debri and years of dried leaves.

Some time, when all the clean-up is done, I want to tidy up the old stone wall. and put the rocks back where they belong.
For some, that wouldn't sound like much fun but I look forward to it. There are many child-hood memories of spending hours playing on these old rocks that I hope will come flooding back to me.

Sadly, we say "Farewell" to the great B.B. King.
The mouse-house will be rockin' with your music today.
Rest in Peace.
hugs, Deb


  1. A stone wall built by your ancestores? That is so cool.

    We have killdeer here. The female will make a terrible racket and even feign a broken wing to get the attention of a predator and lure you away from the nest.

  2. From playing with old rocks to playing
    the old Blues...Even Pres. Obama...
    Stated.."A killer blues night in heaven".
    I go back a long way with this man.....
    From Gospel..Soul...Blues! There ai'nt
    NO other!

  3. How blessed you are to live on your families land. Your stone wall reminds me of some I have seen in Niagara-on-the-Lake. So beautiful.

  4. Ah, You have moved to the country, how wonderful! I understand the affection for the marvelous stone wall. Stone walls always give me a thrill, and yours has an historic and personal connection. I too, would be excited about putting it back together.

  5. Hello Deb, I have been looking at cat themed blogs and found my way here today. Just cats and tea cups sounds like fun, as I am a cat and my typing assistant likes tea... Sometimes she drinks her tea from blue Taika- mug, I guess you might also find nice that china by Iittala.

  6. What a lovely tour....I can see why you love that place so much! The stone wall is absolutely charming!

    I had not heard about BB

  7. That stone wall must have enclosed farmland or pasture at one time. It's still there a century and a half later; wonderful.

  8. Beautiful property! I remember the first time I saw a killdeer. I knew about its behaviour patterns to keep others from its nest, so I followed it dutifully.

    I heard the news about BB when I got online this morning. It wasn't unexpected, but it still felt like a hit. I love his music.

  9. Love that old stone wall. Some of the most famous ones in our area are the ones from the time of the Civil War in Gettysburg Military Park. I bet yours are at least that old. Do you know when you ancestors first lived there?
    I've often wondered how the killdeer survive nesting on the ground like that. They are such pretty little birds.

  10. The stone wall is beautiful. How grand to be living on this land and to enjoy exploring. Cute that the neighbor dog came calling! I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  11. I am so happy to moved to this wonderful place. So many memories and such history of your heritage. Love the stone wall and it's the perfect place for the cats. BB King was amazing and will be missed.

  12. I just LOVE your place, and that stone wall! It is beautiful. Kane is the sweetest, kindest looking dog.

  13. Aren't killdeer amazing! We have several nests in our gravel driveway each year and many go on to have second nest. We have marked they nests with tall stakes topped with bright ribbons to keep visitors from driving over them! I love how the young can run, faster them me with a camera, when they are just hours old.

    The rock wall is so incredibly wonderful. I bet you cherish each stone as you put it back up where it belongs. I love that so many of your generations have lived there. It must feel so good to be home.


  14. How wonderful that old stone wall is and that it is on land that belonged to your family! It will be such fun to putter around there surrounded by memories of those who once lived there.

  15. I, too, will be playing some BB King today. How sad.

    Your new territory is beautiful, your new neighbor handsome and the deer quite miraculous. Indeed, your own rock wall is a treasure and I love the spots where your cats are at rest. As you may know from my post, yesterday marked three years since we said goodbye to Gypsy. They do make such a mark on our hearts, don't they?

  16. I love your wall. To know that your hands are touching the very rocks those who have gone before have touched and built with has to be a wonderful feeling.
    Just being a part of a process that began long ago...
    Ed and Lily have a lovely resting place. Maybe some lovely David Austin ramblers which would be pure magic along the wall. Pure white rose for Lily and a more beige white for Ed. Blue ageratum for
    Ed's heavenly blue eyes certainly.