Friday, May 22, 2015

Audrey learns the 'F' word

Audrey is still getting over the shock of the F word(s) today.
Fluffy, feathered, frolicking freeloaders. They just happened to pay us a visit today and stayed around the mouse-house for a good hour. Just long enough to have Audrey in a state of shock.

                                  "WTF (Fluffy, feathered, frolicking freeloaders.)"!!

Daddy, mommy and 6 baby geese.
I headed outside while AUDREY contemplated which sauce would be best on them.

But...I knew better than to go too close. Just look at the stink-eye I got here.
                                               "Holy Dinah...I'm out of here."

Apparently, you never want a goose to get mad at you. Especially a Canada Goose. Dad was ready for me. So, I have to be happy with lousy photos AND I just know the sauces are flying in the kitchen.

hugs, Deb


  1. Laughing out loud! The faces that Audrey can make just amaze me. I bet she did have some tasty sauce ready for those fluffy, feathered friends!

  2. And I can definitely see the *eye* that papa goose is giving you. We have geese on the campus and they WILL come after you...

  3. Hey Audrey, I guess the bottom line on the F-word is still F-O-O-D!

  4. Audrey!x Your certainly an 'F' cat...Finally Fabulous!
    A princess...with an 'F'..."Willie...Your being silly now".

    ooooO! Canadian geese, yes we used to keep them
    when l was a boy...Better than a guard dog! We had
    five of them, never turn your back on them either.
    About 18miles from me on the coast is a place called
    Poole Park, lake, cafe, model train for kids to ride on.
    There must be 200 of them there. Couple times a year
    they cull them, and l am fortunate enough to have some.
    Bit of a so~and~so to clean and pluck, but well worth it
    in the end! They look good coming out the oven...HeHe!
    or should l say...Gander....! :>).

  5. The stink eye is right! I've had geese chase my car, pecking at the door handles, but in general, if you give them enough space, everyone stays happy. The babies are just plain cute, don't cha think, Audrey?

  6. Looks like you got out of there at the right time. Daddy goose looks serious. Couldn't wait to visit when I saw that Audrey was learning another letter today. :)

  7. Oh Deb...LOL.....big time! This is hilarious! What would ever do without you!!

  8. Great pics of the goose family.

    Poor Audrey, left salivating in the house dreaming up delectable sauces to go with the goose meat. :-)

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. Oh, you got me with your title! I thought you were going all potty mouthed on us! :) You are so funny and that little Audrey is adorable! ;) Keep it up, friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Ah, Audrey, the parents are too big for you to tackle!

    1. I could picture her running for her life, William.

  11. When I was still working, I received an email warning all employees about a pair of geese on the south side of the lawn. The geese had already viciously flogged a few employees to protect their nest. Don't want to mess with proud geese parents!

  12. Oh Audrey! Big birdies-bigger than you. Best left alone.

  13. Cute post! That Audrey is just too cute pondering what she could do with a goose.
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Well, they're awfully cute, all things considered. But don't you wish they'd poop someplace you aren't?!