Friday, May 1, 2015

Rest in Peace dear Otis

I was informed this week by my good friend, Donna, that her Otis had passed away.
He was thirteen.
It happened very suddenly and it was a blood clot that took his life.

I'm having trouble putting this post together as my heart feels broken.
I loved this little character, Otis, my man,  I called him.

As his cat-sitter I cared for him for longer than I can remember. Was it really ten years?
He always made me laugh with his antics.
He could never get enough attention.  
Rootin' through my purse was a high point of my visit.
Surely, there was something in there that he needed.

He was my favorite 'cat-in-window' poser.

Of course Otis was part of my advertising logo
it only made sense that he'd dress up for the occasion.

Bow-tie or not, he was one of the most handsome and delightful cats I have ever known.

I will miss this wonderful cat forever.
He's one that you never forget.

Rest in Peace my sweet little guy.
It was a privilege and a pleasure to care for you over the years.
You were a good boy, a silly-willy, and you will be missed by many. 

Thanks for our times together.
hugs, Deb


  1. Aw...13 is too young! I'm so sorry for Donna...and for you!

  2. Oh Deb, I'm so sorry to read this post about Otis. I'll pop over to his mama's blog and commiserate with her too. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. I'm sorry to read about your loss. :( Otis sound like a wonderful cat. His Mom and you are in my thoughts.

  4. I'm so very sorry, as a lifetime cat lover - I feel your pain. I know I have some sad times looming and can't bear to think about it.
    Sending you and Donna (((hugs))) from the UK
    RIP Otis xxx

  5. Oh I am so sorry for your loss ! Never gets easier when animals pass away . Have your Oriole and hummer feeders out they will be here soon ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. I am so sorry Deb. Otis sounds like, and looks like, such a sweet special cat. Thinking of you and Donna.

  7. Oh Deb, you always know what to say - thank you for the kind words and for all of the love you gave Otis over the years. He truly loved you back! xo

  8. No matter how many cats we meet in a lifetime there is something unique about each personality. Each one claims a corner of our hearts. I'm sure Otis will be missed. He looks a lovely boy.

  9. Oh how this breaks my heart. You have featured Otis before and of course, I fell in love with him at first sight. May it comfort his family to know he was a loved kitty. I am so, so loved forever in Heaven.

  10. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Otis. I remember seeing him in the past and I loved his sweet face. I know his person is probably reeling as you are. Sending love, hugs and comfort to all who loved this sweet boy.

  11. These guys do get into our hearts don't they. Otis you were a grand guy!

  12. He was a handsome fellow, and quite a cat.

  13. I'm so sad to hear about Otis. He had a wonderful life, a wonderful sitter and a quick passing. All animals should be so lucky.

  14. So very sorry to hear this sad news, my 17 year old cat got a clot last year and had to be put down, it broke my heart, and I miss him so much it hurts me still. I know what you are going through, just try to remember the good life we gave to our pets and keep strong! xxx

  15. So sad to hear about Otis. Your pictures of him always brought a smile to my face. Wishing his family and you well......
    Purrrs and hugs .....

  16. What a beautiful guy! I can see why you loved him. It doesn't matter how many years kitties live, it's never long enough. My thoughts are with you and Otis's family.

  17. What a cutie.
    I'm sending my thoughts to you and to the people Otis owned.
    I agree with weaverpat...It's doesn't matter how many years kitties live, it's never long enough.

  18. My thoughts are with Otis's family and you, too. I always loved to see his photos when you were caring for him. Sweet Kitty... and so handsome, too.

  19. I'm so sorry for sweet, silly Otis' loss=what a precious baby...Thoughts and prayers for you, lovely Deb and for his family-wishing you all comfort at this sad time...xo...J

  20. How terribly sad. Otis was far too young to cross the bridge. He certainly was a handsome boy wasn't he.
    Why do such terrible things happen? Our thoughts are with you and the loving family he leaves behind.

  21. I didn't learn about Otis or Dominique until today. I am very sorry they had to go. Otis was so young, younger than my Tungsten. He was just a middle-aged fellow. Such emptiness he leaves behind.