Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby Audrey and a blog you just may enjoy.

At 3 months of age, when our foster kitten, Audrey, saw her reflection

she saw this...
And since she never left her foster home :-b, we were doomed from the start.

All the lilacs that filled the mouse-house with a heavenly scent are now done. The last of them were put in the compost today. I really doubt that I will bring lilacs into the house again. I have been finding, and Audrey has been hunting huge ants all week long. Never do I remember ants this size hiding inside the lilac blooms. They grow them big in these here parts. :( I think I'll just enjoy them on the bushes from now on. They still look lovely outside.

I have added Greek yogurt to my diet lately.  I have also added it to Kane's daily diet, too. The probiotics may help improve his immune system (which is very challenged these days) and 20gr of protein per cup will benefit me since I don't eat meat. It's delicious, too. You can read up on it's health benefits here.
and thank you to Hilary at for her post informing us of it's benefits.

So, there is a blog for you to visit today. A very down-to-earth (love that), beautiful, informative (she's a weaver) and funny blog.  You'll love meeting Hilary.

have a great Sunday
hugs, Deb


  1. I KNOW she saw that lion in the mirror! Oh ants are not welcome inside my home either. I'll go read the blog you recommended. I too need to add yogurt to my daily diet.

  2. HaHa! Little Audrey!x Bless!
    And still 'Lion' around....She was a princess then...
    And still is...Love that face...!x

    Greek yogurt is very good for you...I always buy plain,
    even when my daughter was small, if she wanted a flavour
    of some kind, just mix it in...Waste of money buying
    flavoured yogurt...!

    Oh! If you have ants in your lilac blooms.....You
    probably have aphids...!

  3. Attagirl Audrey! You rock! I'm sure the yogurt adds quality to your and Kane's life.

  4. Well of course with that glare of hers, her inner lion's very much there. What a cute kitten she was. Cute now, of course, with attitude to spare!

  5. Melt my heart! Aw..Audrey! She had that little pouty face even back then! haha.

    I started eating Greek Yogurt last year. It's so good for you! Yoplait Coconut is my favorite...topped with fresh berries. yum.

  6. Audrey was such an adorable kitten! I enjoy greek yogurt and try to eat a bowl everyday. We are vegetarian too.

  7. Look at sweet little innocent baby Audrey! Who would have guessed how she would grow up? :-) What a character!

    I've been eating Greek yogurt lately because of the many probiotics. Thanks for the link from live strong.

    Have a great week there at the mouse-house ~ FlowerLady

  8. Do you have the big black ants or red ants? They're both wicked. ha They bite and you'll know it when it happens! I don't cut peonies or lilacs for that very reason. Peonies are so sweet-smelling and delicate ... I just love them.

    I love Greek yogurt but it took me a bit to adapt its thickness. I use plain (which I would never even consider before) for just about everything. I replaced sour cream, cream cheese and mayonnaise with it. I add one packet of stevia (which definitely took time to "like") along with blueberries, strawberries, etc, for breakfast. I recently ended up with a few containers of it. I put smaller portions in freezable containers and froze them. I put one portion in a freezer bag. I don't know why but the bag portion was a thinner consistency after thawing. I couldn't tell a difference in the container portions.

    I'm going to check out your friend's blog now ...

  9. I always thought she looked just like a lion cub, I can understand how you loved that face enough to never let her go.
    We seem to all be battling ants this year, mostly outside but they are everywhere.
    Hilary's blog is such a testament to not giving up, she's one talented weaver.

  10. I love Greek Yogurt and prefer it to having ice cream! I did give it to our elderly cat, Bailey, but maybe starting the, almost one year old kittens would be a good thing. XOXO

  11. We are small lions ;) ROAR!!
    Sorry to hear those nasty ants got in the house.
    Good to hear that the greek yogurt is helping Kane.
    You can also buy probiotics(acidophilus) at the drug store and add it to food.
    Mom is going to check out the other blog.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  12. I do love that precious Audrey!

  13. Deb, it amazes me that Audrey and my Ghost looked so much alike as kittens. Now I think Ghost probably outweighs Audrey as she is a stocky built cat with wide shoulders. But they do share 'cat-i- tude'!

  14. That is simply adorable!! I'm so glad you posted a baby picture of Audrey. I clicked on one of your older posts about Audrey when she was very young but the pictures would not open. She was so cute. I'm afraid Smokey is not going to be another Audrey. He just does not have that Lion look. Of course, we all know there is only one Audrey. :)

  15. Audrey would have never left my house either!

  16. I so love that little, tiny lion face.... Too sweet.

  17. My Vet has powdered Probiotics that I sprinkle on my Siamese's food, he's 15 yrs old. It's by Purina Veterinary Diets, it's called "FortiFlora" maybe you will like it too. Just a thought. Love Audrey's baby face (as well as her grown up one) it just melted my heart.