Sunday, May 17, 2015

Signs of Spring & turning 5

The blue-jays were enjoying some sun-flower seeds this morning.
The mourning doves, nut-hatch, wren and sparrows are back at the feeders. And, of course,the entertaining black crows.

There's no sign of the chickadees or the cardinals lately, but as many of you mentioned, they are probably
somewhere sitting on nests. I look forward to seeing the young ones soon.

We have found a fella that would love all the steel and metal that has piled up at the back of the property. Most of it is from the old coop.
Once it is removed we can prepare the ground for some perennials.

I discovered some rhubarb along our fence.
And the peonies are almost open.
It's exciting waiting to see what will bloom next.

It's been a busy weekend and today we celebrated my grandittle, Riley's, 5th birthday.
With a personalized garden box, thanks to the retired-guy, I started a fairy garden for the birthday girl.
The box was filled with sand and a few tiny plants.

And, of course, some fairies.
The box filled with sand, some jewels for making pathways and a few rocks from the property completed my contribution.
It's something Nana started and Rileycan add to it as she pleases.
Turning 5

She loved her own personalized fairy garden.  She immediately added a blossom from her backyard tree. Then she pulled the pedals off a dandelion and sprinkled them over the fairies. "'s fairy-dust." she said. Since I forgot to get a photo of her with it, I'll have to drop over to see how it is coming along with the help of her delightful imagination. 

It's a long weekend in Canada.
The weather has been fabulous; warm and sunny.
Better enjoy every minute of it.
Have a good one.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! That all looks lovely...!
    And...Happy 5th Burfday to your Grandlittle...Bless!
    And some fairies....HeHe! Love fairies! :).

    Also loved that tractor...Bit special that..Bet that has
    seen a few burfdays in it's time...! Lovely!

    And...And...Of course it's Victoria Day for you over
    there...Day off, and a little holiday! Nice! :).

  2. Spring is looking good there at your place and what a delightful bday for Riley. Happy 5th birthday to her.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Happy Birthday to Riley and I love her fairy garden. I was googling doll house miniatures the other day and found a source for personalized mini coffee mugs!
    Your lilac is so pretty. One of my favorite scents.
    The cats and I are enjoying having the windows open this a.m.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Very sweet the Riley and the fairies:)

  5. Happy Birthday to Riley!

    Glad the birds are returning!

  6. Sounds like your gardens are taking shape! Love the little fairy garden you made for Riley...5 already, wow time flies!

  7. How awesome you have someone to take your heap of metal. What a cute idea for Riley's birthday present :)

  8. Very pretty in your neck of the woods! Glad it was a nice weekend. I got through my Gypsy anniversary with a minimum of sad (the hardest part was writing the post, I think) and that was good. Boy -- your fairy garden is adorable! And so is Riley!

  9. Riley is a beautiful little girl, happy birthday to her!! And I love her cake and her fairy garden. Very sweet.

  10. Lilacs are the perfume of the day around here too. They are so beautiful, so fragrant, so easy to keep and grow, what's not to love ?

    Oh what good times. A 5 year old granddaughter and fairy gardens. Fun for both of you. And my granddaughters, a few years older than yours, still enjoy creating fairy gardens with me , so you are in for many more years of such fun !

    Happy birthday to Riley !

  11. Riley looks delighted! I saw a cardinal yesterday... first I've seen in the city.

  12. What a great present for Riley!
    She will love adding things to that!
    Good job Deb!
    Linda :o)

  13. Can't believe she's 5, wow! What a cutie-pie. She must love the fairy garden.