Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A productive long-weekend.


The weekend was so beautiful. Three days of gorgeous, warm sunny weather. Other than celebrating my grandittle Riley's birthday, I spent much of the holiday weekend at home just puttering about. I planted a few flowers at the well and we had another big burn of old brush and branches. I also started to clean up my little cat grave-yard and added some pretty purple asylum. I raked around it again and picked up all the broken branches. It looks much better now but is no-where finished. The grass was cut at the mouse-house and a few fence-posts were repaired. I discovered we have white lilacs. :)
I moved one of my bird-houses to where I can see it from the window. So far, I think we have some nesting blue-jays but I can't see the nest yet. They are staying close to one tree and feeding at the bottom of it. Good sign. They are very vocal these days.

I crack up at this tree stump. When I approach it I am entering into the land of fairy tales.
Annie wants you to know she spent most of the weekend on the dog's bed.
He was outside with us and she knew it. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. ooooO! Love the flowers...Especially the pansies..
    My most flavourite flower...HeHe! Followed closely
    by the orchid..! Sniff! Sniff! :).

    Must say...I'd be a bit worried about the bird box on
    the tree stump...Not far off the ground, pussy~cats
    will wanna see what's in that!
    The twitter of little birdies...And, all that...! Audrey,
    will the first one up there! Bless!x

    1. I thought of that, too, so we'll be moving it. We had visiting racoons last night. Another worry for the birds. They can climb, though, so is there ever a safe place?

    2. The squirrels at the cottage are stealing eggs from the nests!
      Nothing is safe from a Racoon!
      Lovely the White Lilacs! Fill a basket!
      Mine are just opening at the cottage...but no white. :o(
      Enjoy your week!
      Cold here now!
      Linda :o)

    3. No laughing now! :).
      But..When over in the States for a while,
      back in the late seventies, we used to eat
      Racoon. They were a a bit of a problem, to
      skin and clean...When that was done, you had
      to find and remove the glands in it's flesh.
      Otherwise the meat would spoil when cooked!
      HeHe! Did it taste good....You betcha! :).
      Alas..We don't have them over here in the in
      the UK. Only in zoo's...Shame!

  2. Your new digs are so comfy for you, dh and the furry kids. Love your touches here and there. Ooooo, lilacs….:::sigh:::.

  3. Annie! I just want to rub her belly! haha.

    How fun to discover white lilacs! I bet they smell wonderful. They are beautiful!

  4. Way to go , Annie!
    We didn't know you had a wild side girl! =)

  5. Gorgeous flowers and I'm so glad you are able to be out and about on your property.

    Annie knows a good thing when she sees or senses it. :-)

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. I love white lilacs! Every year I tell myself I'm going to get a white (and pink!) lilac bush and plant it, then it's summer, then it's autumn...then it's spring again and I say, I want some white lilacs! Weird, huh?

  7. I've thought of you several times over the past two weeks. I've had no time to even get online until now. I am raising three kittens! Momma is feral and a friend of mine decided he would bring the babies to me instead of letting them become feral. The real truth is, he didn't want his storage building, where momma chose to give birth, to smell like urine anymore. He brought them to me at 2 weeks old, knowing I would not turn them away because no one else would care for them properly. So ... I am at the point of feeding about four, sometimes five, times per day and watching them learn to play with each other. It's been an amazing experience but I hope to never do it again. It's exhausting. I never had children of my own but when I woke one morning smelling of soured milk ... I felt I'd entered motherhood. haha I was feeding them every 2-3 hrs 'round-the-clock the first 10 days. I'm starting them on strained baby chicken to begin the weaning process. One seems to accept it as long as he gets a few swigs of his bottle too. The other boy has no interest and the girl is so little I'm putting baby rice in her formula hoping she'll put on some weight. She's very tiny.

    Your new home is lovely. What a beautiful tract of land you have. Simply tranquil. It looks like its far into the country. I love the family history that you have with the property. My grandparents and my parents owned the land I now own. I still feel them here.

  8. Annie - like all cats - is so funny!
    She knows perfectly well that's a stolen pleasure.

  9. Your flowers are so pretty. Glad you had a long sunny weekend. I love weekends like that where you can work on things you enjoy. That stump is funny. It looks like something from a Walt Disney movie. :) Miss Annie has a fat tummy like our Bickett.

  10. That last photo makes me smile!
    Such pretty blooms you have shared.

  11. Dearest Deb,
    What a gorgeous white lilacs you got!
    Annie is a smart cat; they fully understand what is going on in their household.
    Sending you hugs,

  12. Gorgeous flowers! Which reminds me, I need to cut some lilac today and bring it inside. Love your little fairy stump!

  13. I'd say lilacs are my favourite flower, but then I say that about each type of flower when they bloom. It was a perfect weekend for getting things done outside and this week I'm making the most of the cooler weather by doing the heavy jobs.