Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Around the house today

Early morning sun
and the trees seem to be in charge today. 

After breakfast the kitties head back to the couch for another snooze.

Audrey is getting the hang of this 16 hour a day snooze-fest that the others seem to enjoy. 
By the snoring, I would say she has it down pat. 

"I snore?"
She loves getting right into the thick of things around here and the oldsters are accepting her very well.
Lily loves her, Ed is indifferent and Cali has dementia and forgives and forgets all her annoying habits. Sierra has come to like having Audrey share a box with her. Annie has no time for her unless they are playing together with a feather on a stick. Then and only then does she enjoy her company. I have yet to figure this out except that I think Audrey was too rough with Annie in play and she keeps her distance now. I'll catch her washing her once in awhile but it is very rare.

Then it was off to make the bed. This is her favorite place to hang out.

I'm a bit beat today. Thanksgiving dinner was a family affair. Now we are 10 and that's about all this old house can hold.

Turkey & stuffing with cranberries
Vegie Pie
Mashed Potatoes
Sugared Turnip
An array of vegetables 
home-made whole wheat bread 
Lots of wine
Pumpkin Pie & whipped cream with a dash of cinnamon
Cherry Cheese-cake
Pots of coffee &amp & pumpkin fudge
Even the dog and cats were given a feast. 

Mr. Ed & Lily spent the afternoon in the spare bedroom with salmon, water and lots of comforts while little Riley ran through the house. Since his injury last year, Ed is a little wobbly when he walks and we were afraid that a 2 year old might knock him flying so they were out of reach during dinner. It worked out well. If he could, he would thank me profusely.

I had a busy weekend for cat-sitting. I'll show you my gorgeous kitty-clients tomorrow.
hugs, Deb


  1. I'd hide in the spare room if we had a houseful too!
    Jane x

  2. Your house looks so inviting - I wish I could have been there to spend the holiday with your family!! haha
    Ever since I lost my mom and dad, and our kids and grandkids all live out of state, our holidays are spent with just the two of us. So...needless to say, it is refreshing to see a housefull of love all together and enjoying each other's company! You have a beautiful family - thanks for sharing on your blog!

    Oh, I guess with 9 cats and 2 dogs, we are not entirely alone - they all have dinner, too, but only after we are done :)


  3. Happy Thanksgiving....the next day is always one of recuperating isn't it?

    Glad to see all the kitty shots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Sounds and looks like it was a lovely Thanksgiving for you and your family! It's a joyous day and we so thank you for sharing your stories and simply beautiful pictures!! Enjoyed it so much!

  5. A lovely blog again.So much to be thankful for

  6. Your menu looks heavenly! We'll gladly consume any/all leftovers.
    Good idea to keep Ed and Lily in safe quiet place. Little people don't grasp the concept of stiff and creaky. We oldsters do, unfortunately.
    Audrey came to you with a purpose that is now being revealed. Bless her little kitty heart.

  7. Bailey had hiding places too when the grands came to visit! Beautiful table and how many lovely faces smiling--you are truly blessed and so am I for knowing you, Sister & friend, XOXO

  8. Love the pics of your family and those sweet Grands!! The cats always make me smile. I'm hoping Mr Toes will calm down a little bit but he too is young (about the same age as Audrey) and Charlie doesn't have much patience with his play right now. Still I believe it will all work out. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Linda

  9. Hi Deb, Your table looks lovely and I enjoyed seeing your menu. As you know, here "south of the border" we still have a Thanksgiving holiday menu to plan. I'm always looking for something new and different in addition to the traditional dishes. Glad you enjoyed your family and had a great visit.

  10. Hi Deb: It takes me aback when I see Thanksgiving posts from a few of my friends. I forget that your's is earlier than ours. The menu looks wonderful and how nice to have your family all around, I bet the old house loves it. What a sweet and beautiful grandbaby, I'm very far behind in answering but congratulations..Happy Tuesday..Judy