Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I call him Davy.
                                            Davy Crockett
He's King of the Wild Frontier

Remember this guy? You'd have to be old.

This is his hunting ground
and I think he likes Steve, the septic guy.
Steve's a cat-lover, too. 
I heard him tell Davy he can't pet him all day 'cause he has to get some work done.

Davy greets me every time I arrive at our property. He's a one-cat welcoming machine. He wants to be picked up, snuggled and loved on.
He's too healthy looking for most to worry about so I presume he lives at one of the many homes near by.
But you know me, I worry.
I worry about whether he is in at night. There are fishers in this area, coyotes, fox and so on. I always bring a can of food for him but most times he doesn't eat it. He just goes back to hunting.
I just hope he is a day-time wanderer and enjoys the owner's bed at night.
He's a handsome one and I'm always relieved to see him run to the car when we arrive.

It looks to me that he has made our 2 acre lot his hunting ground. I think we will find the mouse population down on our property next spring. "Good kitty."

hugs, Deb


  1. He is a sweetie! I worry about outdoor cats!

  2. What a lovely cat. I hope he stays safe out there!

  3. He sure is pretty! Hope he does get inside at night. I liked hearing about your property and look forward to following along on your blog as you build your new home, Deb.

  4. How fitting that you have a cat who owns your property already! And a very fine one at that. He's beautiful and looks loved and well cared for. I guess the bright side for an outdoor cat is that they are never bored. My cat pleads to go out but we have coyotes in our yard regularly so he only gets short ventures outdoors when I'm watching him.


  5. I feel sick thinking about the dangers outdoor kitties face.
    Jane x

  6. Davey's a beaut. I get nervous about outdoor cats, too. At least you are in a more rural setting. We live on a very heavily-trafficked 5 point intersection, and I worry a lot about neighbor cats outside.

  7. We want to believe he has a wonderful home to go home to at night.

  8. I think all of your readers would like to think this beautiful boy has a home. The alternative would be to awful to even consider. A kitty with so much love to give and no one to give it to makes me feel like crying.