Thursday, October 25, 2012

The hot box & Riley time

We ordered our wood today.
The cats will be in heaven. It is this time of year that the beds or boxes are placed around the wood-stove and six bodies will soak up the heat. The dog will be close by. We get whatever heat is left over. ;-b

Last November, Annie was so busy caring for her three kittens that she never joined the others around the fire. If you are new here, I fostered Annie and her three kittens from our local animal shelter. They arrived Sept. 16th. 10 weeks later, Nigel and Bree went on to their forever homes while Annie and Audrey stayed put. They had health issues....I had 'bonding' issues.  I had been through so much with them that I could not let go.

So this winter, Annie and Audrey will join Ed, Lily, Cali & Sierra around the hot box and the snooze-fest will begin.

It is so beautiful here today.Warm sun, cool breeze and the sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet.
Riley and I had a leaf throwing contest and Riley won hands down.

We hike behind the local cemetery where she can learn all about different trees, pick up pine-cones and gather pretty leaves for her mom.

Kane always leads us but sometimes has to be called back since he is old now and starts to wander.
But he sure loves the Fall.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,

    I love your little tail and also your photo's...
    About your (and mine) bonding issues... well, if issues of that kind are in any way lead to illness than we both are very sick I'm afraid.

    No matter what animal I take in... they never ever leave again.

    Have a lovely day,


  2. I was going back over a few posts and now I see why your photos weren't visible. I thought the problem was at my end, shows how computer illiterate I am;( Glad you've figured it out - I love to see your cats and your china finds!

  3. I love your line: "We get whatever heat is left over." Isn't that the truth?!

  4. While I was lured here by the cats, I also adore sweet Kane. He is such a beautiful boy. Hugs to all.

  5. Looks like a grand time with Riley. Audrey is such a little stinker!!! Love your new find.

  6. Wonderful photos in the Autumn / Fall fun. Kane is gorgeous.

  7. I spent over 2 hours this morning raking leaves--whew! Great exercise, but when I have work staring at me, it's hard to stay outdoors too long. I remember "leaf battles" with my grandson; so much fun to share in. XOXO

  8. Those are lovely pics of ya'll playing with the leaves.

  9. That's the ticket....enjoying an Autumn day....just lovely Deb!

  10. Today has been utterly fabulous...not so tomorrow but at least we had today!
    Jane x

  11. what a beautiful day, I 'm so glad that you kept the mama cat, I would have also.Some people find it hard to understand the bond that we create with our animal friends, you are such a kind hearted person,

  12. Curling up by a warm fire...I want to join them lol! Love the leaf throwing pics and your new grandbaby is adorable on your sidebar! Thanks so much for stopping by my fun finds post, Deb!

  13. Weather here has been beautiful as well ! Lovely photos of the family ! Have a good day !

  14. I bet Annie and Audrey will enjoy the hot box this winter for sure! That Riley is getting to be such a big girl. Looks like a great time in the leaves!

    hugs, Linda

  15. Hi Deb, stopped by to say hello as the newest member of the sisterhood. ;) The apron arrived yesterday and I am happy to meet you and the rest of the girls. Will post about it some time next week.
    Love your beautiful photographs.
    Much love,

  16. Lovely pictures of Annie. We don't hear as much about her as about that rascally daughter of hers, but she has come a long way, hasn't she? I'm so happy that she found her home with you. Riley is such a cutie. Looking forward to seeing another picture of her baby brother.


  17. You've hit on the very reason I can't foster. I can't seem to let anything go that moves in here! Well, those guys needed you and they deserve to snuggle up to your woodstove. What a fun day with Riley! ~ Maureen