Thursday, October 4, 2012

She pours like a champion.

I've never had a favorite child, (oh goodness, no) or a favorite cat, (no, that just would not do),  but I do have a favorite tea-pot. I believe that is acceptable.

Yes,  I do believe I found a great little tea-pot.

First off, it holds 6 cups.
It is light in weight.
It pours like a champion. Not one drop of tea is lost.

It fits right in with my blue and white china. Be still my heart.

It has a beautiful tulip painted on it. It comes nameless & no stamp. I found it in a thrift shop and it looked like it had never contained tea. It needed a job.

It looks a little plain next to the super-model blue and white pots but don't be fooled;  this pot is a winner.

Especially when the tea it holds is accompanied with lemon and poppy-seed loaf.

If you are ever passing by the Pakenham General Store do drop in for one of these scrumpdillyishus treats.

Oh,oh...I need that bottom box. Do I dare?

You know I would never wake a sleeping lion.
The print behind the first photo was a gift from Jeri at
For an enjoyable visit, drop by to meet her and be amazed at this special ladies talents.

I'm joining up with for Let's Dish

hugs, Deb


  1. I love that you cherish your china and treat them with respect. I bet they're so happy when you find them and bring them home:-D

  2. Hey that is one gorgeous tea pot - not to mention all the other great pieces!

    And what a sweet photo of the sleeping kitty!!!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some informative posts and archived stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
    Debby in Arizona

    Talk to Your Angels

  3. Isn't it so hard to find a teapot that pours well? I'm not saying I would swipe that pot but if I'm ever in your area, you might want to keep it under lock and key! ~ Maureen

  4. Oh... there is a very special photo of a new little person in your sidebar! Bradley looks heavenly! Congratulations again.
    Love the sweet little pot and oh, love that kitty.
    Lily, WA, USA

  5. It is a teapot of elegance and beauty. A lovely find.

  6. Love Bradley's photo. Great new tea pot and what a wonderful find. Audrey looks peaceful ... take advantage of the quiet! :D :D

  7. In my book simple is best. And oh, that Audrey! And the new pic of Bradley is, well, simply perfect!


  8. What a pretty picture your blues make together! Lovely little teapot too. I agree with you about favorites. I'm always amazed to hear someone say they have a favorite child. But dishes--now that another story. I love your cozy kitties and teas!

  9. Hi Deb, Love the blue and white transferware, and your six cup teapot! Your lemon poppyseed loaf looks great too! I have a post ready for next week's tea parties that also features lemon poppyseed bread. It's just plain good weather for baking! I have an apple bread in the oven right now, and I made pumpkin bread earlier this week. Mmmmmm!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Deb!

  10. What a pretty tea pot! I love the tulip! You have a lovely collection!