Monday, October 15, 2012

Primpin' Presley

Do you recognize this guy?
He's the fella with the racing stripe down his back.
He told me today his most favorite thing in the whole wide world is to be combed.  So, I found one faster than a cat on a mouse and we both enjoyed a good grooming session.  Apparently he likes to snuggle, too.
A little primpin' here and a little primpin' a primp, there a primp.lalalalala!

All done!
Cat combs are an essential item to groom your cat. While a variety of brushes, combs and rakes may be combined during a grooming session, cat combs are especially helpful for removing tangles, dead hair and mats from your cat's hair coat. Combing your cat on a regular basis can help to minimize or prevent hairball problems. 
Grooming is an essential part of maintaining your cat's health. Like any task, having the right tool for the job at hand is crucial. With a few tips before shopping you can buy the right cat comb to make your cat's next grooming session easier!

An ideal choice for a cat comb for your cat is a stainless steel comb with teeth (fine, medium, coarse) that are appropriate for your cat's coat density and length. The ideal comb to use with longhaired cats and cats with dense coats is a 7.5-inch-by-one-inch comb that has both coarse and fine teeth.
Then always follow a grooming session with a little treat.

"Mmmmm...that was good."

We are off to Ottawa to pick up permits for the house-building. We still have a month to get some work done on the property and then the excavating will start the first of Spring. I'll be planning and purging over the winter, much like I did last winter. We still have many decisions to make. Oh well, it will make a long, cold winter a little more exciting.

Kane says "Howdy"

I'm off today to care for 2 new kitties. This is the best part of cat-sitting; getting to know them.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Presley is wonderful ... love the racing stripe! Hugs to Kane. Teddy loves being combed as does Mina. Cassie isn't so sure!

  2. So cute he is and what a fun stripe on the back. Do you have a dog, too? Cosy with two new kittens.


  3. I love seeing that beautiful Presley; is he ever mistaken for a skunk:-D Kane looks bright-eyed today and building a new home--how exciting! XOXO

  4. Lovely photos ! We use the same combs for both our Harley kitty and Miggy pooch as they both have think long coats ! We got the combs from our vet ! Miggy has the same type of coat as your lovely Cane only a bit more course . It is chilly and rainy down here in South western Ontario hope to have sun tomorrow so I can continue my yard clean up ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. Presley is one handsomes well groomed kitty cat.

  6. Hey Kane-you are looking so fine =)
    Presly is such a little love bug!!

  7. Presley is a beautiful cat! What a sweet doggy at the end too:)

  8. Our mom knows the importance of grooming after having Sweet Praline for almost 16 years. We're still not too found of grooming, but we're getting better. Mom Paula uses a combination of a comb, brush, and the FURminator.

  9. Love-a-love-a that **Smmmmmmmooch**
    Lily, WA, USA

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous kitty - love those pics! I have a semi-long hair cat who is now nearly 19 so have to groom him regularly, he tolerates it. I have another short hair cat who is too lazy to groom himself and goes into diva mode when I try to do it for him! My other short hairs love it... Cats are so perverse.

    Hugs to Kane - what a lovely chap he is (by the way, I'd gladly let you have any liquorice that comes my way - absolutely loathe the stuff no matter what colour it is!) :O)

  11. My long haired cat Kim runs away when she only sees a brush ! Nothing to do !

  12. What a great looking kitty boy! When I find a kitty that likes to be groomed, I could do it for hours! More relaxing for me than for the kitty.

    Howdy to you, adorable dog!

  13. Great photos! I so wish I could find a cat-sitter as loving and caring as you - it would make going away so much easier!