Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Showing off my charges

Does this guy look like he could be a stand-up comic?
I had the priviledge of caring for him again last week. This is Butch Pussy (really) and he lives with 20 Pomeranian dogs. They are show dogs but I think this guy tops them all.
Don't go feeling sorry for him now. He heads the house. He's a Devon Rex .
And here's Sammy 
Isn't he the sweetest 'ol fella.
And here's Billy. He is a new kitty-client and was adopted from our local animal shelter just recently.
Very lucky boy, he is.
This gorgeous fella is a regular with Just Cats Cat-sitting service. This is Buddy and he can tell you that he gets brushed every time his cat-sitter arrives because he brings the brush right to her. I kid you not.
and he makes a very handsome 'cat in window'

and you know this gorgeous gal if you follow this blog.
This is Dominique.
She's just as beautiful from the back, too.
Upside-down love.

Here are my two favorite senior sisters.
This is Emmi & Didi
Her eyes match the lamp.

The phone has been ringing a lot today. Many kitties need care next week. I'll have some new ones again and there is nothing I love more than to meet them for the first time. They are all so unique, so interesting and so full of personality.
How can I possibly call this 'work'?

If I can give you one cat-tip for the day it is to play with your cat each and everyday. 
It strengthens the bond between you and keeps, what could be a very bored kitty, happy and content.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi there!!!

    Seems I'm becoming a regular customer here on your blog... I came here for the first time just a few days ago "transferred" from Camera Critters.

    Now I just have to come and look at your foto's...
    Cats a great!!!
    I have two of my own, named Bonny and Clyde(e).
    Clyde became Clydee after it became clear that she is a she after all... when she was very little it seemed that she was a he...pffffffff...
    Stupid mistake.
    Thats why Clyde became Clydee.

    Have a nice day!

    Greets from Holland,


  2. You have a great job! I'd be excited to meet new cats too! I really need to play with mine more, I'm sure they are pretty bored but they seem very content and are great companions.

  3. Wonderful fur people!!! :D :D Lots of love here.

  4. I'd say Butch Pussy is entitled to a bit of attitude, 'specially if he needs to keep 20 'diva' show poms in line =)
    Your clients are all so lovely.

  5. Play time for us (en masse) is right after our breakfast(which is after the cats breakfast,naturally!).If we are late, one of the cats comes to fetch us.
    Jane x

  6. I always enjoy meeting your 'clients'!!

  7. Play time is a pleasure I miss, but I think I'm edging closer to having another cat or two, maybe by the new year. Your clients are all adorable and so lucky to have you. Learning about their personalities and seeing their beautiful faces certainly has helped with the grieving process. XOXO

  8. Oh so many gorgeous cats !
    My "mom" play´s with me everyday , so I´m one lucky cat :)

  9. Love Butch Pussy! :) And Julius is sitting between me and the computer as I type this. I keep scritching his head between keystrokes.