Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cats in my neighbourhood & pretty tea-cups

"Hello, shy one."

"Don't you look perturbed" (maybe it's that bell around your neck...ppppppt)

Here's a sleepy-tyme kitty.

"I see you"

"You look rather full of yourself."

"Has that nose been in a battle?"
Audrey seems content just to watch the birds and falling leaves from the window.
She keeps busy with chores such as bed-making, dusting, climbing the cat-trees and whirling around with her feather on a rope.  At this moment, she is resting in a box full of leaves I collected from our Maple tree out front. It's best and safer to bring the out-doors in for our cats.

As lovely as it is to see all these cats on my morning walk with Kane, I know the dangers of cats wandering the streets and only hope they are in their homes at night.

hugs, Deb


  1. The falling leaves are creating so much fun right now.Watching..watching...watching....eyes light up and JUMP.Missed..watching......
    Jane x

  2. Fun post ... lots of sweet kitties and lots of teacups and tea!

  3. Kitties and Tea Cups...what could be better on a fall day!

  4. Thats an idea, I never thought of bringing in leaves for the boys to play in... have to give that a try!
    I hate to see outdoor kitties too, one of our neighborhood cats that managed to surive the busy city streets for 8 years used up her last life last week. Very sad.
    You cant tell some people anything

  5. We have so many stray cats here in our village it is heart breaking . Our Girl Harley is an indoor kitty and a lazy thing to might I add lol ! Nice photos of pretty kitty's & teacups ! Have a good day !

  6. Deb, the Mr. Ed teacup you sent me suffered an untimely accident...I've scoured on line for a replacement with no luck. It was my favorite cup, ever--any chance that you know of a second one I could purchase?

  7. Wonderful cats, beautiful teacups!

  8. PS DIdn't you do a Furminator blog post awhile back? Because of that, I got Furminators for the cats and dogs, and they are AWESOME!!!!!