Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am very suspicious of people who do not like cats.

As I post tonight, my thoughts are with all those who have been affected by such a devastating hurricane.
My heart is heavy for you, your pets and your homes.
May God bless.

hugs, Deb


  1. I feel sorry for people who don't like cats. They miss out on so much!

  2. How could anyone not love these little fuzzy faces! How cute. My sister in law has two Devon Rex cats. They are so funny!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Pretty kitties ! I love all kinds of animals . Some towns and cities in this area of Southwestern Ontario got hit by the storm Sandy . We were lucky and never had any damage even though it came right over us .

  4. My heart aches for ferals who had nowhere to extra prayer for them tonight.
    Jane x

  5. I have always said that I don't trust a person who doesn't like cats, and cats I have found have a wonderful sense of character, they know the good ones for the bad,
    It certainly has been a trying time for some, terrible storm

  6. We agree too, we hope everybuddy is safe and not too many more life is lost.

  7. Ya know, I wonder if those who don't love cats have just never really, really got to know one. Until I was almost 50 years old all of my pet connections had been with dogs. Then our "snowing bird" neighbor had me care for his outside kitty - for 5 months straight! I was totally in love with her after only a couple days and she has owned my heart ever since! But I couldn't bring her home. That wasn't allowed. I gave her the best care I could for 3 consecutive winters, 5 month each. Twice a day she got hot wet food and very hot microwave pet heaters each time, too. (See * below, please) And she always had hot water in a heated bowl with unlimited amounts dry food. I just hated having her outside!
    Finally, shortly after the 3rd winter, she took matters into her own paws and moved herself to our home, even braving our very big Australian Shepherd to do so. We had a cat by then, another stray that had come, and that dog knew all about cats and loved 'em! She and Happy Dog became the best of friends sharing lots of kisses. She adored him.
    Our neighbor wasn't very happy to lose what was nothing more than a "mouser" to him who wouldn't even allow him to touch her but she had made her choice and we stood by her in decision! She has been with us as a pampered inside cat for the last 10 years plus now. It scares me to think my husband and I almost missed out on loving kitties! We do now!
    So, maybe those people who don't "get" cats have just never really had a chance to know and fall for one. That was true for me - I just didn't know them!
    Prayers are already said for those in the path of the storm. Blessings.
    Lily, WA, USA
    * Two very hot heaters laying one of top of the other will stay nicely warm in an outside insulated cat box for over 12 hours when the temperature is in the Fahrenheit teens! Awesome product! The brand I like best is named "Snuggle Safe" and is available at Amazon, etc. They are hot pink colored and are much better over all than others types I have tried!
    Sorry this is book length!

  8. Funny how you mention the pets and the storm, I was wondering how many cats have been lost where maybe the owners could not get them to safety with them being out roaming.
    I also never understand people who don't like cats. I think maybe they are afraid of them, they do have an air about them don't they. Its almost like they know what you are thinking, lol
    Sadly my youngest son married a girl who doesn't seem to like any animals and so my Grand daughters are growing up pet less, consequently when they come to visit they are afraid of the cats.

  9. lovely photos =)
    it's sad when people don't like cats
    perhaps they just haven't met the right one, yet

  10. Atlantic City, New Jersey, one of the cities hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, has several feral cat colonies along the boardwalk. They are cared for by Alley Cat Allies. I am worried sick about all of these animals who, living on a barrier island, had little or no choice of a place to go for relief from the storm. Also all of the kitties left behind in homes because, as I heard, some hurricane shelters would take dogs but NONE would take cats.

  11. We agree, both with being suspicious and sending out positive thoughts to our friends in Sandy's path.

  12. I am, too! How can you not like these cuties??

  13. I am one crazy cat lady! I would have more than 3 if I could! Thank you for visiting my blog, your kitties are sweet! :-)