Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beauty and the Brat

Right after cat-sitting today, I purchased another great find.
"Take a bow,  my pretty."
It's called 'Old Foley'
Staffordshire, England and Hand engraved.
This pitcher fits in nicely with my white & cream dishes. You know how I love that brown transfer-ware. I can't walk past it without scooping it up.
It is time for The Log Farm  (our local antique shop) to close for the winter (there's a did that happen so fast?).
I dropped in as I'm looking for an old  hutch and came home with something to put in a hutch instead. Oh, isn't that the way.
You know I am never alone in the dining-room. Someone is waiting for me to go upstairs where her treat jar is and 'dish out'. She gets my attention by placing herself where she shouldn't be.
                                                              "I'm waiting."
I recognize the look of impatience.

"Hang on, Audrey...I'm almost done."

                                                      "LET'S GO!!!"
"That will be enough, Audrey."
"Now, get off the table."

"Pffffffft..You're not my real mom.
And what are you doing down there, anyway?"

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hugs, Deb


  1. Cheeky, Audrey =)
    She does make a good point, though!
    (She almost has human expressions!)

  2. Audrey you and Mr Toes should just have a great time playing and leave us mom's alone!

  3. Chris has just had to pick up Zoe from the stove and move her....she's not too happy but Chris wants to make dessert! Cats!!
    Jane x

    1. Oh dear. Audrey would probably turn the stove on and burn the house down.

  4. Love your new find and love that kitty! Such a cute post!

  5. Audrey is a demanding little diva, isn't she?

  6. I'm coveting that pitcher! Don't you know cats aren't allowed on the table? That is, unless they need to be there to oversee something you are doing. Also, if dinner guests don't realize they should share a tidbit from their meal, the cat may have to leap onto the table as a reminder! It's a highlight of my dinner parties. ~ Maureen

  7. Audrey is one of a kind; so spirited and decisive. Beautiful piece of china--I'm very envious. XOXO

  8. Ooooh, I love that transferware pitcher. Love the title of this post and that audacious Audrey letting you know what she wants of you! Thanks for a good laugh. Be good, Audrey!


  9. Love that jug! (and that cat too!) I have some Old Foley, but a floral pattern, I think they made many different things. This one is pretty fabulous, well found. Aubrey is wonderful and those pics are too. x

  10. Hi Deb,
    What a character Audrey is! LOVE your new brown transferware pitcher! It looks wonderful with your other pieces. I would have snatched it up real quick too. Thanks for sharing your new find and entertaining post with my HOME party. Love having you!


  11. oh my gosh, those are big teeth!! I have missed visiting here, I lost my blog and had to start over so I have been trying to find all my favorites, I have rejoined your blog so I won't miss any posts again!!!I always feel better after visiting here, I get my kitty fix,

  12. Great piece! Love those photos of Audrey. So funny!

  13. oooooh! Love everything about your new pitcher! Lovely shape. Always fun to see your kitty antics! Can it be almost winter? Naw. . .

  14. What a lovely pitcher that found you. Wonderful!
    And that Audrey... oh who could be Audrey but Audrey. Where does she come up with the thoughts you record for her?!
    Lily, WA, USA

  15. Your pitcher is lovely - I love the transferware pattern. Audrey is quite fierce! She apparently didn't want to be messed with! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,