Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh, if he could write

I had the pleasure of caring for someone very special again this week.

If this guy could write
there would be  love letters all over his house for 'MOI' *sigh*
He loves me with all his heart.
He tells me his whole life story
and waits to hear mine
He has loving eyes.
He wraps all 18 toes around my neck when I pick him up.
That's right, 18 toes. He's a Polydactyl cat and this area is known for them.
More toes than normal.
Man, could he play piano.
Hemingway was known for his polydactyls. They were called The mitten cats.
In all my years of cat-sitting (18 this year) I have never seen so many toes on front paws. I also wonder if he may be the most affectionate of all my charges, too.
His name is Optimus.
And he is pleased to greet you.

Speaking of love...
I just received this photo from Jess's wedding 

I'm so proud of these girls.
We had such a good time. I can't wait to get back to Newfoundland.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a winsome cat! I had a number of polydactyls during my New England years and have read they are also a novelty of that region. Interestingly, we had the trait turn up in a family of hybrid Siamese cats--handsome creatures. I did note that they often caught their 'thumb' claws in carpet or rugs and had to be 'unhooked.!

    1. Oh yes, there is lots of trimming of nails on these cats as they have nails going every which way. Many of them curl, too and can cause discomfort. This fella is kept very comfortable.

  2. I've never heard of these cats ! we have a Golden retriever - they have slightly webbed feet ! They love to swim & be in the water. I found out that they used to dive down & bring in fishing. I can believe this - our old boy Sam ( died a few years ago ) had been a wonderful diver- bringer up of things !

  3. Optimus is certainly a handsome boy! We had a 6 toed kitten when we used to foster for the Cats Protection League. Love that the descendants of Hemingway's cats are still there and you can visit them. x

  4. Optimus ... what a wonderful name for such a handsome kitty! Love the photo with you and your girls ... just gorgeous -- all of you!

  5. Oh, that sweet little face!!!
    I can see why he's special to you (and you to him!)

    Lovely picture of you and the girls.

  6. He has a wise face,but something is troubling him. I think he may be a philosopher.
    Jane x

  7. The three of you look like sisters! Such a memorable photo and the background is beautiful. My hubby has been to Newfoundland for a conference and I long to go one day.
    Sweet Optimus has the most adorable face and I can only imagine how hard it is to leave him. Thank you for always sharing these wonderful photos of your "clients." XOXO

  8. We come to your blog because we always find beauty. Thanks, Deb, for adding beauty to my day. Optimus is clearly a very special kitty. What's better than a loving cat?! The pic of you and your daughters is very special. Have a great day.


  9. Do you have a photo of this beautiful boy showing his feeties that we might see?

    Lovely photos of you ladies.