Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fastidious Felines

It was my last visit today with the charming Optimus, Olivia & Vora.
These three gorgeous kitties are a piece of cake to care for.
Not a hairball, accident, cat-fight....nothing. 
More time to play.
I always enter a home expecting to clean up at least one 'oops' but not at this house.
I barely have to sweep these three are so neat and tidy. Not a kibble on the floor & their bathroom etiquette is superb. Hmmmm!
I'm used to messy cats like my own 6. You always know where Audrey's been.
Not that I mind at all. When I am in 'cat mode' I will do anything and everything for a cat. Nothing bothers me.

Twinkle-toed, tidy-man Optimus.
Here you can see many of his extra toes.
These feet are always dancing around so it's very hard to get a pic.
I'm going to miss this big ball of cuddleness.
OK...I could just sit and stare at her for hours.
Here's Vora reading my notes to be sure I didn't write about any CATastrophes.
"No, Vora. I won't mention I caught you shredding the couch. I think they are already on to you." 
Perhaps this new mouse will keep you busy.

I hope their owners love to travel 'cause I'm really going to miss them.
Be well, kitties.
hugs, Deb 


  1. Optimus, Olivia & Vora are very lucky kitties to have you. I think I've fallen in love with Optimus!

  2. They are lovely felines.
    I may have already said this before, but oh well, "I wish you lived
    closer. My kitty brats would be thrilled to have a cat sitter like you" I tried to figure out if it would be doable. It's only a six hour drive one way =)

  3. I think Audrey & Clyde are related. For Cod's Sake! Litter follows his giant plush paws all over the house! (when he's not churring and chirup'ing and trying to get Ollie to play 24/7!) What a handful Cod love him!

  4. What wonderful, well-behaved kitties! They are a disgrace. Make the rest of us look bad, why doncha? I like those toes, though.

    And Olivia's my Twin so XOXOXO to her.