Friday, October 26, 2012

Filling up the cat bag

It's time to fill up the cat-bag again. I have gone through lots of treats and furry mousies lately. I haven't been posting much about cat-sitting but I do have some new kitties to show you. I wanted to get my photo issues out of the way first.

I had a delightful time with these two boys. Are they not spectacular? Big, handsome, friendly & funny felines and I enjoyed every minute with them. Ace had no idea how captivating he was and Caesar was delightful with his silly antics.  Check out the look I'm getting. He just can't figure out what I'm doing in his kitchen. They are booked in again soon and I can't wait to see them again.


jewel & Angel are regulars but it has taken forever to win Angel's trust. The day she finally stayed in the room with me and seemed to enjoy my company was a great day. Most times, she would watch from under the bed. :(   I make it my mission to win them over and I usually do. I'm still working on one named Addy. I've yet to get a good photo but I will.
I've had some time with my two favorite tabby brothers. Love this shot.
                                                              Chase & Bud
Ah yes...and handsome Cortez. I lay on the floor to get this shot.  It was wonderful to see this stately fella again with his side-kick Teddy (a young ginger and white tabby) who never stands still long enough for a photo.
Also,  Emmi & Didi, Max, Buddy, Presley, Molly & Billy 

Here is our Sierra waiting for the postman.

"I did NOT do this."
To make the time pass quicker she sharpens her nails on the bench.  I am picking up paint this week to freshen it up and then once the cold weather hits she will be happy to watch for him from inside the dining-room . I guess he will have to blow kisses through the window. ;-)

Today's walk with Kane was slow and steady. It is warm but we are being warned to prepare ourselves for a big change coming. Does that mean snow? I'm not ready and to be honest I never am. I don't ski and I have a habit of falling on ice. I have injured my back numerous times walking dogs in the winter.  If you are wondering about the ferals that I feed nightly, they will have a long winter ahead. I have only seen a couple of them in the last few months and sometimes there is no sign of them for days but I am there every night with food and water nonetheless.
That's all I can do for them and I will worry about them all winter. Damn!

hugs, Deb


  1. You have such a fun job meeting all these cute felines! Great pics, I always like looking at your cat pictures here.

  2. such beautiful felines, I envy you so much, I miss my kitties, I had many feral cats come and go, feeding them is the only thing we can are so kind,

  3. All such pretty kitties ! They say that we are to be getting the affects of the storm Sandy they call it can bring us anything ! Hope its not lots of snow ! Have a good day !

  4. The expression on Ace's face is priceless!
    Our dining room table looks like your bench...designer scratches.
    Jane x

  5. Sweet kitties! I like plump Caesar ;-)

  6. Hi Deb,
    I left you a coment several days ago with my mailing address. Did you get it? Sorry I couldn't email you through Blogger.
    My email is

    Thanks again for such a generous give-away!

    1. Yes I did, Pat. I'll be shipping your gift out this weekend. You are so welcome. Deb

  7. What lovely kitties. We love the picture of Chase and Bud. Too cute!

  8. I always get the best 'kitty fix' when visiting here! Love the crossed tail pic!! I'm not a snow person and I must admit glad to live in the south! Hugs, Linda

  9. I'm like Linda...I come to your blog to get my daily love of kitties! I'm definitely not a snow person either; prefer to see it on the mountains and will take rain any day over it. We're lucky that there aren't too many snow days in the Seattle area and when it does come, it doesn't last too long. I have a great verse I recite during Winter by Hal Borland (one of my favorite naturalist)
    "No Winter lasts forever; No Spring skips it's turn."
    I love you have a big heart for the ferrals, XOXO

  10. I just love the 2nd picture of the tabby and white, he's so handsome.

  11. LOVED to watch some of the cat´s you are catsitting for <3

  12. Cuties! I never tire of kitty pictures :)

  13. It is such a treat when you introduce us to new kitties! But what makes it really special is that you tell us about them. We love to hear about their personalities and your experiences with them.
    The Ferals break my heart. When you look at the size of kitty legs and the paw size of smaller cats, you wonder how there little extremities can survive contact with the cold ground.

  14. Lovin' Ace and Caesar - their white parts are SO white! Love the twining tails, love all of them - they are very lucky cats to have you as their cat sitter. I have often thought about becoming a cat sitter. You are my inspiration.

  15. That Caesar is my kind of kitty! Cute!
    xo Catherine