Monday, October 29, 2012

Calming the nerves with tea and The Friendly Gene

 I'm on the computer upstairs and Audrey runs through the house calling out. She normally follows me up the stairs but was mesmerized by a flying leaf through the dining-room window and missed my departure. Now she's looking for me. All I need do is walk into the bedroom to make the bed and she will appear in the center of the sheets. That, she never misses.

Have you ever heard of the 'friendly gene' in cats? Some of my followers has asked why Audrey would be timid since she has known nothing but love and a secure home. I really do believe something I read many years ago about the father cat passing on this gene to the kittens. It made sense to me as I have met litters of kittens where some were very friendly and some stayed back and were much more cautious. Ruby, Audrey's sister, was adopted by my daughter and she is the friendliest little thing you would ever want to meet. She is much like her mother and  loves everyone. I guess she got the friendly gene from her father and Annie got the friendly gene from hers. :) Audrey takes her time and feels insecure in a strangers arms. It's just her make-up.

Because of this dark and dismal weather, my freezer holds cookies and loaf-cakes galore.

Good for anytime I make tea. I am using one of my favorite tea-cups today to lift my spirits.
The banana bread cookies are disappearing fast. The recipe is posted 2 days ago.

I love the handle on this cup. It is made by Peppertree Tabletops and it is Fine Porcelain.

I will have company, there is no doubt about that.

                                                                  "Hi, Cutie"
                                      This is her happy face.

I am off to cat-sit before 'Sandy' shows up. We are hearing sad news about the damage done so far in the States. We are to see the worst of it in our area over-night tonight. Praying all goes well for everyone.

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hugs, Deb


  1. I've always wondered what makes a cat friendlier than others. My shy boy William is sitting next to me on the chair enjoying the warmth from the fire.If Chris comes down from his office William will run away..he's such a little Janey's boy.
    Jane x

    1. You should read up on this 'gene' thing. It is fascinating. I guess tonight is the worst of the storm for us. 'Batten down the hatches'.

  2. Stay warm and safe and I look forward to having tea with you again -- soon! (Cassie starts to meow when she misses me -- I meow back!!!!)

  3. Oh my goodness, banana bread cookies?!? You girls are killing me. Save me one ... I'll save you an orange truffle. ;)
    Thank you for the warm welcome, Deb.

  4. So glad you shared - will certainly be praying for you! Keep safe and warm - close to your kitties! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  5. I've never heard of the friendly gene but now I'm intrigued!

  6. My Charlie is so shy but then Mr Toes is extra friendly! Now I know! Wishing you all the best as the storm moves your way. Keep Safe and enjoy those yummy banana cookies! hugs, Linda

  7. Just dropping by to say hello - it's been a while since I visited. I never heard the thing about why some cats might be timid but it for sure makes a lot of sense. I'm gonna have to try out your cookie recipe Deb, they look heavenly! Stay safe - it sounds horrendous what we hear and see on the news about the hurricane.
    Kisses to the adorable Audrey!

  8. Hi Deb: I hadn't heard of the friendly gene. I just thought Maggie was shy and afraid because she had lived such a sad life until she came to us, but she has almost the same happy? face that Audrey has. Only Maggie just looks mad all the time..Stay warm and safe, as I hope all in Sandy's path do..Happy Monday..Judy

  9. Never heard of the 'friendly gene', but do firmly believe that there are some cats who seem to crave the company of humans, and others who really don't care.
    Most of the not-as-friendly ones can usually be won over with patience, love and of course FOOD, but it takes more effort to establish a relationship with them. But in the end they are all well worth the effort.
    I've never met a cat I didn't like.

  10. Cats are such fascinating creatures, aren't they? I always had a cat until my son brought a flea ridden kitten home from the barn up the road one day. That was a nightmare I could tell you about!

    Deb, your teacup is really cute and looks like it's very comfortable to sip tea from. I like the shape of it. Your cookies look yummy too. Thank you for joining me for tea today and do take care and stay safe! I will be so glad when "Sandy" has blown itself out!


  11. You must be getting much of the same nasty winds we are. It sounds like the TV antenna is going to blow off the house.

    Those cookies look great and Audrey is regal and beautiful, as always.

  12. I figured with Maeve it was the result of having a feral mother. It seems to take another generation for them to lose some of their wild ways. I never heard of the friendly gene. It's pretty windy here but no damage so far! ~ Maureen

  13. Hallo over there!
    Congrat to the newborne. What a beatiful home and enviroment you seems to live in.My little Märta (Martha)a papillion dog sleeps on here pillow right beside me.The most beloved little creature.Just love here.Best whises from Sweden and me....

  14. Yes, I think they do inherit genes. My lot were fathered by 'Daddy' the black feral and are all a tiny bit reserved.
    They are getting better and with the colder weather this year they are coming on our laps more.
    As for making beds, I sometimes creep around trying not to make too much noise as one of them will always come in, jump up and hamper my efforts, lol
    How can I get annoyed, I love them all so much, they all get away with murder.
    Last night both sofas were occupied with just enough space for one person so Tom sat on a hard chair for an hour before one of them relinquished a space, lol

  15. That is fascinating about the gene, I must do some reading. We have one cat who is very friendly to strangers (and yet in normal life she is the loving, quiet, and undemanding one) and one normally friendly, happy, pushy, extrovert and playful cat who instantly withdraws from strangers. When I say strangers that can also include friendly (cat) people who drop in almost every day.

  16. I spy an acorn plate! I guess all my kitties, save one, have the friendly gene,sometime to excess.

  17. We're getting a lot of wind and cold but nothing too bad. My heart goes out to everyone that is suffering. It sure is a good time to bake and enjoy hot drinks! Stay warm and enjoy your sweet kitties!

  18. I love Audrey's 'happy face.' You manage lovely cat photos!

  19. Audrey is lovely with her happy face. I hope you all are doing well. I'm following the storm on the news.


  20. I've never heard of the friendly gene! I can't wait to read more about it. I could never figure out why some kitties were friendlier than others but I should have suspected it was something more than nurture.