Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rainy days are good for the soul

True love here, folks.
One is deaf and has a damaged, arthritic leg and the other has a weak heart. Both are tooth-less. If you add up their ages it equals 42. They were both adopted with no teeth years back and Ed was deaf but since being here he fell backwards off our couch and now his back left leg is almost useless.
He gets around though, as he always has, but with a funny gait. 
But still, true love here, folks.

Annie was testing out the baskets by the stove today.

 Annie is first to the fire. Not long after, Ed and Lily take notice and follow suit. Annie leaves. The fluidity of cats keeps me so interested in their makeup. They have their own language concerning it's use. I respect their body language and let it be.

Rainy days make me do two things; clean the house and fill my head with thoughts of my mom.  Every year that I get older I think of her at my age now. I think back to her life and her place as a mother & a grandmother. I wonder what she thought of her place as a 'granny' and what it was mostly that brought her joy. By the time she was a grandmother to my first child, she was also a widow. My dad passed away 4 months before Jess was born.  When she spent time with the kids it was just her, no partner to share the joy of a new generation from their youngest child. It must have felt lonely sometimes although I know she loved to be with them. Thoughts like this...questions.
                                     My mom at 24 is my favorite photo.

Rainy days are good for our souls. So many memories swirl around, some that I am sure I thought I would forget someday.  If you knew my mom you would know where my love of cats came from...or was it her mom? I just laugh and think that probably my great-grandmother, who I never knew, carried a big, fat cat around with her while she did her daily chores. I like to think that, anyway.

No storm yet; just rain and wind. The kind of weather that makes you pull out the marshmallows to top the hot chocolate. 
I put extra food down for the ferals tonight in two sheltered spots. I hope they find the food and then quickly find shelter. I'll worry about them.
Please bring in any out-door dogs or cats that you own if you are in the path of this storm. They depend on us to keep them safe.

I'm praying everyone is safe from Sandy.

hugs, Deb


  1. Such a heart felt post, my friend. Rain, which is quite a standard pattern here, always has my mind drifting to my mom and Kelly as I go through the motions of life. Admittedly, I'm worried as my oldest daughter and her family are in the path of this storm. It's hard being 3000 miles away. Praying everyone (2 and 4 legged) stays safe, XOXO

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  4. Hi Deb,

    My heart goes out to all who are suffering because of Sandy and I'm praying too for all who will encounter this "well named monster" in the next hours or days.
    We are so lucky here in Holland that storms with such force almost never hit us.

    I love your blog post tho as I usual do...
    Thanks for sharing your precious memories.
    B.t.w. I've got some photo’s of my mum when she was in her early twenties, she was so pretty then just like your mother.
    Women were much more feminine in their way of dressing than we are today don't you think?

    God bless you all,


  5. Beautiful post filled with loving memories. Stay safe and warm.

  6. such beauties and your mum too! I grew up in a house full of cats and dogs and had a full of our own as well until my head injury left me with severe allergies, I know just what you mean and the elder cats with problems sometimes give the most love and maybe need to be given the most.Our cats all had baskets through out the house mostly around the wood stove and it was always funny when we introduced a new cat they would always see who would get what prime spot first, eventually trying to all get in the same one! You make my heart happy everytime I read your posts although I can no longer have pets I can through you.I thankyou for that,

  7. Having recently lost my mother, your post has touched my heart....

  8. I am a new follower. Thank you for your thoughts, today...

  9. Ed and Lily are very fortunate to have a comfortable and safe home in which to spend their twilight. A warm refuge on a cold night, a good friend to spend the time with security and affection: it doesn't get better than this - for cats or people.

  10. So sweet. Perfect photo of your mother with the cat :) My mind wanders on rainy days as well.

  11. Your mum was a beautiful woman all around.
    Cherish every last memory. My mum has severe alzheimer, severe. She is lost to me and to herself. She has not known who I am for 6 years. I care for her as one would care for an infant. I fear these memories are now crowding out all of the other memories. People who have gone through a very lengthy period of caring for a severly stricken loved one say this happens. I'm trying to hang on.
    Thanks for the photo of Ed and Lily. I needed that.

  12. A cozy fire, sweet cats and even sweeter memories of you Mom!

  13. What a special post! I thought I knew everything about my mom but a few years after her passing, I started to wonder about her feelings on so many things. You can tell Kari that it takes three or four years for the images of the sick parents to fade and all the great old ones to take their place. ~ Maureen

  14. I love that picture of your mother. Reminds me of you. :)