Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home you come's not a cat. While fumbling through old towels for the cat sanctuary, I noticed a blue & white saucer sitting alone on the next shelf at the local thrift store.There was no tea-cup to accompany it but it was so pretty and it,  too, came home with me.
I loved the long path to the house, surrounded by trees and mountains.
How can you  walk past a homeless little treasure like this when it has travelled all the way from England?

The lady manning the shop said to me "I'm afraid there is no cup with this." I told her that was fine as I liked to mix and match my tea-cups and saucers. I had many cups that would look just fine with it.
She looked at me rather oddly. She actually shook her head. I guess some people just wouldn't do that. I thought to myself, "Oh lady...have some fun."
So it has a new home amongst all my other blue and white saucers and it looks just fine here.

It feels right at home  and I will use it with many of the blue and white transfer-ware tea-cups.

You know I always have company in the dining-room, right?
There's Annie patiently waiting for the sun to appear.

I hope to someday have enough mis-matched blue and white to set a whole table. I only started collecting this combination a few months back.
The linen used here was a gorgeous gift from Jane (a fellow Canadian) at She has some beautiful cats for you to meet. 

I expect the lady at the thrift store would not like this but I sure do.

"Oh, who do we have here?"
"Excuse tummy is rumblin'"

Oh, it looks like I have more company. She rubs her head against my hand when her tummy starts rumblin'. Best go and feed her before she starts throwing things.'s almost open.
It is raining here today and very cold and damp. Poor Audrey loves the windows open so she can listen to the Canada Geese fly over but it's too cold today. So.....I built her a fort in the office.
The idea came to me from The Cat Guy who you must drop over to visit. He has some beauties and loves to think of ways to keep them happy. Thanks for the idea,
So grab a tea and visit these two fun-filled blogs.

I'll be joining Tea-time Tuesday at, Blue Monday at & Tweak it Tuesday at

Hugs, Deb


  1. I laughed out loud when I read "Oh, lady ... have some fun"!!!! Isn't that the truth!!! I love the mismatch and the fun of playing with all the dishes. YeeHaw! :D

  2. What a beautiful blue and white porcelain. Old Swedish porcelain in the colors. Audrey is so cute, she reminds of Peps.


  3. Lovely post... as always!

    Seems that you've got the same bad weather as we do in the Netherlands...
    Where does all the water come from?

    My cats try to catch the raindrops rolling down the windows.

    Have a nice sunday,


  4. I love that sweet saucer and it looks very happy and at home with you. I always enjoy seeing your mix and match blue and white. I love the fort the CatGuy built, I might have to try that with my youngun when I get home.
    hugs, Linda

  5. Oh, the stories that saucer could tell! We have rain too and lots of work, but I opted to go see "Argo" with a friend. Thank you Canadian neighbors, XOXO

  6. Score! How pretty and I love seeing your pretty dishes. I see that little peeping tom too! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. What beautiful photos, Deb! I love your pretty blue and whites - you have a very nice dish collection, and I enjoyed seeing your magazine-worthy photos.

  8. It´s looks very pretty to me with all the blue and white odd porcelain :)
    Has bee raining ALL weekend here in south of Sweden too :(

  9. Oh if I had of known of you three years ago I would have given you my mums entire set she had it all from England she brought them over with her oh about 40 years ago . Your setting looks so pretty.
    It has been raining here in south western Ontario since yesterday afternoon YUK ! the strange thing is it has been humid today as well. Thank goodness all this rain isn't snow . Hope you have a good evening.

  10. Thanks for the mention, the kitty fort is still up! It's raining again here and the kitties are loving it, so why not leave it for the full weekend! They have fun playing with each other in and out of the fort!

    The blue patterns on the dishes remind me of the dish fragments I found under a 200 year old house in Vermont. I was doing some work in the crawl space and there were lots of pieces of broken dishes. I saved some of the pieces for mosaics. I love the scenes like in the first picture.

  11. Lovely post, beautiful dishes. I'm partial to brown transferware. I love, love the picture with Audrey's lovely silky grey paw. What's sweeter than a cat's paw?


  12. Your collection of Blue and White is looking great! (And you do know how to have as compared with the person tending the shop!) I can't wait to see your whole table set for a big family dinner with various delightful patterns of it. And the orchid bloom is so beautiful. I love them and hope to find one without much very scent that we can enjoy! Kisses to all the kitties.
    Lily, WA, USA

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  14. Finding another piece to your collection in a thrift store ~ fantastic!
    xo Catherine

  15. I'm happy to learn that you love blue and white too, with or without all the matching pieces. Thanks for sharing.

    I noticed that you tried to link in with the thumbprint, but there were no photos entered. You might want to try again.

    Happy Blue Monday, Deb.

  16. Someone needs to enlighten that sales person.
    When everything is too match-y match-y, it looks like banquet service from one of those chain hotels.
    It's very interesting one of your previous posts was about building on your gran's land. Then, his lovely dish shows up with a design of a winding path leading to home. A good omen, I think.

  17. Beautiful collection of porcelain..

    Visiting from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  18. Love the pretty saucer too! Ive sort of mix and matched my daily use china, started when I was young and could only afford 2 of part of a place settings. Then found another pattern I liked as much so bought a couple plates. Thes 2 bowls in another pattern and so on. Now I have a full cupboard of many patterns, makes getting the more expensive English china affordable when one only gets 2 of one type of dish. Here is a link to a couple pictures on my blog of my kitchen.
    Sad to see pics of my Hunter happy and healthy too. I think I need 5 like your friend! Great blog thanks for shareing it.

  19. Simply beautiful! Late visit from Blue Monday.

    I can't wait to read your comment on my BLUE entry.

  20. Your blue post was beautiful! I like the idea of mixing up saucers and cups too. I have a tea cup and saucer that I use for coffee at school. The students love to see me use something so "special".
    Ladybug Cottage

  21. I love the dishes design :-) Dropping by from Blue Monday :-)