Sunday, June 14, 2015

A day with the family

I sat by the window  enjoying that first cup of coffee, Annie on my knee, waiting to see if I could capture a photo of the young squirrels as they greeted the day. I was being serenaded by a bird that I could not put a name to but I didn't let that damper the moment. There was little time to waste, though, as we were to be at my daughter's home for brunch to celebrate my birthday *again!* and an early Father's Day.

The day turned out beautiful as we enjoyed our get-together in their scenic back-yard. The grands played in the sand-box when they weren't running here and there over the acre lot. The sun was shining with no threat of rain. Food was plentiful and delicious. We 'caught up' with our kids. A perfect day.

This morning a Cardinal was visiting the feeder. It was most likely the male of the pair that I fed all last winter and early spring. I guess the babies have fledged and they are free to visit again.
"Welcome back."

We have visitors coming today so it's time to dust up the mouse-house. The sun is out but no sign of baby squirrels yet.
Have a good Sunday everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. Those grands sure are cute! Sounds like the perfect day to me!

    Can't wait to see those baby squirrels! Aw.

  2. Family is so important! I'm glad you had such a lovely day!

  3. Lovely photos . Looks like all had fun in that wonderful sand box ! It was raining here earlier but looks to be clearing and the very humid ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Happy Birthday Deb! Looks and sounds like a wonderful day. Loved the pictures. Gwyn and my youngest grand daughter are close in age. Amazing how fast they grow up...

  5. The little ones seem to be enjoying themselves!

  6. Great day with the kids!
    Linda :o)