Saturday, June 6, 2015

A teeny visitor and taking in some local festivities.

While working around our property today I was visited by this lovely butterfly. I was picking up rocks around the mouse-house and throwing them into a wheel-barrow. It stayed very close to me, not minding the noise, flitting around the dirt and sand. It didn't seem to have any interest in the lush greenery about; just the dirt.
I had no idea who my company was today so I checked it out on the internet.

I think it is the male Swallowtail Magnificent Papilio garamus although there was not much of a tail on this one. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I can take it. ;-)
They are the largest butterflies of North America.
I read that one thing they like to feed on is urine which made sense since our dog uses this area to do his business. Geesh, such a beauty. Whodathunk.

On this gorgeous day there were many markets and out-door celebrations to attend.

We walked around all morning taking in some of the festivities.
Watson's Mills - An old flour mill on the shores of the Rideau River. This building was built in 1860.
In 1861, a tragedy occurred at the mill during the celebration commemorating the first year of
successful business. Read the story at

There were numerous vendors, delicious food and so many talented artists to visit.
The retired-guy came home with a bottle of Belgian-style beer cordial (a flavored syrup made with Triple Chocolate Stout) Yum!
I found a beautiful silver watch that had a band made from vintage sterling silver dinner forks.
The cats got a new mat for under their ESS. All fresh and new and stinkin' of cat-nip. They loved it. Annie soon owned it.

Tomorrow should be another glorious day. I guess it's back to work on the mouse-house.

hugs, Deb


  1. It sounds and looks like you had a great day and brought home some goodies as well.

    Love that butterfly.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Deb, I am always surprised when I see a large gathering of butterflies amongst a huge pile of manure after a barn mucking. It's like, hey, delicate and lovely butterflies should be on the flowers, the bushes the strawberries, but NOT on the manure pile! That's for flies and other such icky bugs. Looks are deceiving, they had us all fooled!

  3. Yes, some good weather makes everything fun!

  4. Black Swallowtails are my favorite butterflies. We used to raise them inside to prevent the wasps from eating the larval stage... then releasing them as they emerged from their chrysalis. Ours here are a beautiful black with more blue and less white.
    And good for Annie - taking ownership of the new mat! I recently made a small cat quilt and Tux has taken it as his... staring at any other cat that lays on it until they finally give it up.

  5. Hi Deb....catching up!
    Gwynn looks so cute in her hat...aren't these wee people THE BEST!
    Looks like you had a great weekend...
    We are expecting thunderstorms overnite and tomorrow!
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  6. A beautiful butterfly!

    I assumed you might take in some of Doors Open, and Watson's Mill is a great place to be featured in it.

  7. White Admiral, and a lovely one at that!