Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A murder at the mouse-house.

There was a murder at the mouse-house last night.

Bear Duck should look like this.
But now he is dead.
Audrey, the murderer, was pleased as punch for the moment but will be crushed if he is 'no more.' What fun will he be like this?
The worst of it is my needles and thread are packed away somewhere.
And without his head, he just doesn't do it for her.
Which means everything else in the mouse-house will be at her mercy.
I can't even think about it.

 "He axed for it."

The others are devastated, too.
Bear Duck was everyone's favorite.
 It's a sad day, for sure.

But outside...

It is a gorgeous day today. Perfect, really.
Everything looks so lush and green.

The chipmunk family came by for breakfast.

I'm sure they find plenty to eat but they enjoyed a few seeds, grapes, apple & some stale multi-grain bread for a treat.

The birds are singing and returning from their nests. It's good to see them again.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hooray! Yipeeee! Wooooowsers! :).
    Audrey!x Your a diamond! already a Princess!
    But! But! You'll have to serve a small sentence
    for being a murderer...Let's say one hour extra
    zzzzzzzzZ! And, an extra two hours for good
    behaviour...! :>).

    Oh! And tell Mum....The bird~box on the trunk is
    on the slide...All the eggs will roll in one corner..!!!

    On the serious side, it's lovely seeing Chipmunks
    out in the wild...Silly people over here keep them in
    cages, horrendous! Should be banned...Should'nt
    be allowed to keep any animal in a cage...Especially
    fish...The water would run out between the bars...! :).

    Audrey! Audrey! 'WHO' or 'WHAT' is next.....Looking forward
    to the next episode! Bless!x

  2. THIS is too precious....made my day..Big hugs Deb!

  3. I think the nest inside will prevent any egg sliding in that house....and slightly tilted like that prevents least that's what I say about my tilted

    Love the chipmunks...they are stealing the show...just adorable!

    Or the poor bear/duck ....haha....yes, he certainly looks like he got the 'axe'.

  4. Bear Duck's head was pulled right off! That took some doing, I'll bet.

  5. Gee, Audrey! Girl, your momma is going to have to find for you an indestructible stuffed something to release your inner demon on! Better not let you outside; those chipmunks wouldn't have a chance.

  6. Audrey deaded Bear Duck alright. Time for a trip into town for some sewing stuff and some tea and noms sound good too.
    I just so love your trunk and especially because it belonged to your gran. I think with a little spiffing up, it would make a lovely addition to the interior of the new house being built. I love the contrast of new with old.

  7. Audacious Audrey strikes again! But now you have to find the sewing implements to make everyone happy! :) Love the chipmunks and seeing all the action in your yard. Oh, How you are going to love this space more and more .....

    Hugs and Purrs....

  8. Now that Bear Duck has been done away with, who will be next??? No one is safe in the Mouse House. Don't go to sleep! Keep your eyes open in cause of an Audrey Attack!
    Just remember who feeds you, Audrey...

  9. Audrey, you are a mess!! Deb, I so look forward to your post! I can't tell you how it brightens my day, every day! I love the bird house on the stump.

  10. You'll have to make some kind of repairs, even if it means borrowing the sewing kit since yours is packed away!

  11. On my how funny . well not for Bear duck mind you lol ! Hope you can fix him up . Lovely photos . Our birds, squirrels and chippy's have been busy feasting and nesting . The weather here has been lovely as well some hot days some rain and some sunny with cool breezes . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. This just made my day, can't stop laughing.....!!

  13. Dearest Deb,
    Some precious photos and hilarious story!

  14. You deaded that bear duck real good Audrey. Hope your Mom will put it back together for you! The chipmunks are so cute. I love them around my house. Many of the neighbors think they are just a nuisance. But, hey, chipmunks gotta live, too.

  15. I have quite a few of similar cases in the triage pile. Love the DuckBear!

  16. Poor BearDuck!! Those naughty kitties!! AUDREY!