Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Proper attire and Happy Canada Day.

Thank you for all your fun comments on the previous post. Audrey is a pistol, that's for sure, but, although she would not want you to know this, she caves when I pick her up for a cuddle; even purrs. It's absolutely adorable. haha! Yes, the Audacious Audrey has a soft side. :) It's just that evil camera that sends her into a tail-spin. 
Gets her every-time.

This is my mom helping out at the farm many years ago. I imagine she was a teenager in this photo and was a bit fashion-conscious by the look of her dainty shoes.

Now I know for a fact that this woman was terrified of snakes as that was unfortunately passed on down to me.
How on earth did she walk around the field in those shoes?
It is beyond me.

This is what I wear when I walk to the back of the property.
Stylin'...I know. 

But I just know I'm going to meet up with one of those slithery buggers.

We had a very unexpected visitor on Sunday morning.
The retired-guy was down in the garage when he heard a loud noise coming from the drive-way. I heard it also from upstairs but thought something had fallen in the garage. He looked up to see a large moose on our property only feet from the mouse-house.
They took one look at each other and Bullwinkle ran through to the back of the property and the retired-guy ran to the garage to grab his camera-phone but it was too late. He was gone.
So, that was a first.  

Today I added some herbs along the fence at the front of the mouse-house.
& Sage
along with my Garlic Chives.

Hope they do well and can flavor up a few stir-fries this summer.

"Happy Canada Day" tomorrow to all my Canadian followers.
As the saying goes...If you are lucky to live in this wonderful are lucky enough.
"Happy 148th Birthday, Canada"
hugs, Deb


  1. Love the pic of your mom as a teenager! And I'll bet that moose face-off really surprised them both...
    Happy 148th Birthday Canada! I often think about how close we became to being Canadian... (when my grandfather and his brother immigrated from England, my grandfather and his family came to the US whereas his brother and his family went on to Canada... )

  2. Oh Deb! I know you delight in all the wildlife and the cute LITTLE creatures that come to your garden. But a Moose!!! Oh my goodness!

    Love the picture of your Mom in her classy shoes!

  3. A Happy Canada Day to you!

    Well, at least he saw the moose!

  4. Love the picture of your mom!

    And you have officially taken the title of The Zoo from my home...I give it to you! I will never have a moose strolling through my yard. fun! I'm sure the chippies and birds and maybe Dave have told him you'll feed anyone! There will be more opportunities for photos, I'm sure!

  5. Happy Canada day to you and fellow Canadians!

    Yes, aren't snakes the worst! I would face almost any animal before one of those! Ugh. Keep the boots handy!


  6. I can just see the look of surprise on their faces when they met eye to eye lol ! Something I dont think we will ever down here is moose walking past all though I wouldn't be to surprised as there is lots of vegetation and water here for them . Speaking of vegetation sound like your on your way to a wonderful herb garden hope all grows well for you . Lovely photos , Happy Canada Day to you both ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Hi Deb...
    You and your Mom are twins....except for your choice in footwear!
    Happy Canada Day my friend!
    Moose? No problem......hahaha!
    Linda :o)

  8. Love those old B/W photos....I've quite a few,
    of Great/Grandparents....Some in sepia! And,
    the ladies hats are amazing...Love the fashion
    of the Regency era...!

    And, yes, Happy Canada Day....Hope you have
    lots of fun, enjoy the day...!
    And, Audrey! I imagine she's resting up, and getting
    over the trauma of yesterday! Bless!x

  9. I just love the way you write! Your Mother looks so neat and lady-like, and yep, my feet look exactly like yours when I go outside to work. A Moose! I can imagine the noise a Moose would have made coming up the drive way. Hope your herbs do good.

  10. There is something very special about living on a property which has been in the family for awhile.
    We lived for 18 years in a small cabin built on a farm which had been purchased by my great grandparents. I often imagined the house and garden as it had been in their time.

  11. Love the Moose story! Oh my! We have deer here and they run when we come outside. Happy Canada Day! You are lucky to live in such a great country!

  12. Happy Canada Day! Perhaps the moose heard through the animal grapevine (chipmunks) that the buffets are good at the mouse house! :D :D

  13. Oh a moose! We only saw one while living in night, right in our back woodlands....magnificent! Happy Canada day and hope you all have a marvelous holiday!

  14. Happy, happy Canada Day dear Deb. I love to see the flag waving in the sunshine - your country is one of the very best and I pray she goes for at least another 148!!!

    What a delightful photo of your pretty mom. Like you, I need to wear wellies if there are snakes about - just very nervous around them! Never had a moose around here but did see a sweet young deer last month.

    Hugs - Mary

  15. So exciting to have a moose in your garden :-) Wishing you a happy Canada day!

    Madelief x

  16. Dearest Deb,
    What a stories and lovely photo of your Mom!
    Happy Canada Day; JIT = Just In Time...

  17. Happy Canada Day to you, too. You can't get more Canadian than having a moose in your yard!

  18. Hello from England. I can't even cope with frogs in the garden, snakes!!! I would stay indoors permanently.