Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mom & babe

 Baby Audrey and her mom, Annie.

I came across this photo today and wanted to share it with you.
This was taken almost 4 years ago.
This photo shows you just why I decided, when it was time to adopt out the kittens that we fostered for our local animal shelter, to keep Audrey and Annie together. Once the kittens had reached the age that they could leave their mom we had made the decision to keep Annie as she had been through enough in her 1 1/2 years.
I struggled with adopting out Audrey as I had witnessed daily the attachment she had with her mother. I, too, had fallen in love. The other two kittens, Bree & Nigel, did not have this need by the time they reached 2 1/2 months.
Nigel, Bree & Audrey (bottom)

So, after Nigel (now Kitt) and Bree (now Ruby)) went to their new homes and even though we had four cats already in our home, we filled out adoption papers for these two monkeys.
One decision I will never regret.
They are both an absolute delight to share our lives with.

Hope you all had a Happy Father's Day.

Let the summer begin.

hugs, Deb


  1. Delightful!
    Thanks, Deb,

  2. Dearest Deb,
    Sometimes there is such an incredible closeness; all animals have different characters just like humans differ. But you made a wise decision by keeping them together. Cute trio of kittens though.

  3. Ah! The top pic has to be one of the best ever!
    It's going straight onto my 'pinkberry'. Bless!x

  4. Beautiful photos - beautiful cats/kittens :-) Yes can definately see why you kept them.

  5. I love that photo of Audrey and Annie. The other two are little felines are adorable too and I think it would be hard to give any of them up. We can't keep them all though.

    You are a dear, kind soul ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh's easy to see why you chose her to stay with her beautiful Mama....aren't they just darling? Love to see your photos Deb! Happy to know you are having a wonderful summer!

  7. Love seeing "our Audrey" as a kitten. That top photo is a gem, and so, too, the bottom. Yes, letting the others go had to be hard but I'm glad you kept your girl of great character!

  8. How sweet! I remember as you planned to adopt out all the kittens and many of us just 'knew' you would keep Annie and Audrey and were thrilled when you did. Annie is such a sweet girl and life would be so boring without Audrey!

  9. It's hard to let them go at times; other times, it's impossible.

  10. I knew back then you would never let them go !! So good to know how much you love them .I would love to see a picture from Ruby and Kitt,i'm sure they have a great home to.

  11. The photo of Annie and Audrey is so heartwarming.
    I remember, at the time, (can it be that long ago already?) just praying my heart out that you would keep Annie. Isn't it amazing how things work out .
    Annie has found you, her soulmate friend and Audrey has become a star in the world of cat blogging. Happy endings are just the best, aren't they!

  12. The second photo of the three kittens is just too adorable! Audrey already had that look in her eye back then...

  13. What a sweet photo of mother and daughter it is Deb!

    Have a lovely week!

    Madelief x

  14. So very sweet. I haven't been able to give any of my babies away...three litters here and they've all stayed. I intended to...but couldn't give them up. haha....

  15. Awww, what a cute mother and daughter pic!

  16. How long have I been gone?
    Gwynn looks as sweet as ever.....chipmunks? Red still hanging around!
    Love the baby pics of the wee kitties...
    Audrey was the cutest! Hahaha!
    Have a great week....
    Linda :o)

  17. Pretty kitties ! Oh yes summer is finally here and I am loving it ! Thanks for sharing . lovey photos ! Have a good day !

  18. Aww, love the mother/daughter photo!

  19. So glad to see this post! Can you imaging life without sweet Annie and that special Audrey. Audrey was adorable when she was a kitten. I'm so glad you adopted her. I've looked at your older posts but can't get the pictures to open. Annie and her three kittens are beautiful. Deb, you are just a special, wonderful person.

  20. I can't believe that was four years ago!!! I still remember it so well. I'm really glad you kept Annie and Audrey. :)