Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fun mugs & tea-cups

It's another dark. rainy day.
The furry residents at the mouse-house know what to do, though.
Sleep more.

And enjoy more treats.

I will enjoy a few cups of tea. It never fails that when I reach for one of my 'go to' cups, the ugly guy makes me laugh. ;-)

Made in Wales - Pretty Ugly Pottery

Hope the sun is shining where you are.
hugs, Deb


  1. I like the rustic tea cups, but I'm partial to your formal ones!

  2. HeHe! Nowt wrong with Wales...Or it's pottery..! :).
    Though my daughter lives up in Stoke~On~Trent....
    In the midland's, heart of the potteries over here in
    the UK.

    Looks as if Audrey's away with fairies...Nice to see
    her back end for a change! :).
    Nice and sunny over here...Though Flossy's popped
    round for her milky~milky...And now upstairs asleep
    in one of the spare rooms! Bless!

  3. Naps, treats and tea...sounds like a perfect day to me!

  4. Sleep is a good way to get through rainy days!

  5. I like days like that once in a while. We are having a rainy day here and I am going up to fix a pot of tea.

  6. Lol...yes it's a cute 'ugly' cup :)
    Kitties know how to spend a gloomy day !

  7. The funny mug makes me smile too. Gosh, I have missed five of your great posts! Enjoyed catching up. The "Busy as a Bee" post, honestly, such a beautiful child! She is simply adorable!

  8. Great mugs and tea cups, Deb !
    And what a cute furry friend !
    Have a nice week,

  9. I love those funny mugs....saw a lot down East!
    Our sun came out around 4 pm....gorgeous!
    Humidity is cranking up!
    Enjoy your evening....
    I have no birds around

    1. Not many at all. Crows and Mourning Dove mostly. I love the Mourning Dove so glad they are still around. I haven't seen a blue-jay for weeks now. No hummers at the feeders, either.

  10. Dark and rainy here too - but it is the middle of winter. Hope everybuddy at the mouse house had a little snooze and a few treats.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  11. We had a bluejay at our feeder just this morning. No rain around our house for several days now. I know that must be Audrey, but it could be our Ghost in that first pic.

  12. Too hot here for June. How lovely to have a bit of spring.
    Peach, with her ever watchful eyes. Love her.