Thursday, June 18, 2015

What made you smile today?

                                                     "Is that a bug?"

                            Annie lovin' her new mouse.

Fresh strawberries are everywhere. 
I love to see them out at the road-side stands.

And on this hot, humid day, lunch out with my grandittle. 
She was a hit with the tea-ladies and got her first ice cream cone to try.
Ate it all and never looked up once. haha!

And finally tonight, Audrey in the window listening to the bull-frogs and the crickets. It's something she does before bed-time. It relaxes her *grin* and I have my tea in peace.
hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey is such a "nature lover"... lol. It looks like you had a lovely day.

    Bless you, Deb,

  2. ooooO! Strawberries....Love strawberries!
    And cream....I bought some yesterday, by
    the roadside. Don't they taste better...! :).

    Oh! Audrey! Audrey! Turn around....Pay
    attention...! HeHe!x
    Did you know your name..Audrey..Is Anglo
    Saxon....'Noble Might'.... A contraction of
    Etheldreda....(the mind boggles).

    And, in our papers over here to~day, and on
    the news, a pussy~cat who travelled ALL the
    way from Northern Ireland...Little
    known how, there trying to find out...just amazing!

  3. I love that first photo with those happy tea cups and daisies. Annie is cute with her mouse and the picture of you and your grandlittle is sweet.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comment. I was blessed to have gotten those photos of the blue jay fledgling. Adult birds would not grace me with their presence like that. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Looks like you are having a lovely summer Deb! Yes...this post did indeed make me smile!

  5. Sorry, we think our last comment went crazy! Your post made us smile too. What a lovely day you had.

    Julie and poppy Q

  6. Lizzie is a night-watcher, too. I'm never quite sure what she sees or if she's just listening for something new -- but either way is fine with me. Happy weekend!

  7. Deb, you look fabulous! Country living suits you.

  8. If Annie's beautiful face and dazzling eyes can't get you to smile then there isn't a smile in you!

  9. That is an adorable picture of you and your little sweetie. :)

    I swoon every time you show those tea cups. I just love them!

  10. What made me smile today was Chucky stealing my socks, and finding them in various parts of the house. He's become a klepto! Am hoping the huckleberry trees start producing sweet fruit too!

  11. Beautiful photos like ever!
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. All those sounds must really appeal to Audrey!

    I'm sure your granddaughter must have loved the ice cream!

  13. Your lovely post made me smile, Deb !
    What a sweet girl your granddaughter is ... I'm sure she enjoyed her first ice cream, love ice cream too :-)
    Have a nice weekend,

  14. Audrey always makes me smile. L'il Red and sweet Annie made me smile. I love the picture of you that adorable granddaughter of yours..

  15. I love daisies too, your granddaughter is gorgeous xx

  16. Looks like a great day =)
    Always good to know that Audrey gets some downtime!

  17. You have so much to make you smile and remind you you're blessed ! A granddaughter to share time with is one of the best blessings and a real smile-giver.

    What made me smile ? Silly chickens, a very fat cat, your blog.

  18. Dearest Deb,
    Does Annie have something in her left eye? Looks a bit odd...
    Peaceful moments of happy critters feeding and relaxing.
    Sending you hugs for a happy weekend.

    1. Yes, Mariette, Annie has a corneal ulcer. Her vet is aware of it and watching it closely. It is often brought on from some sort of trauma. We adopted Annie from a very bad situation almost 4 years ago now. Her history is not well known to us.