Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Cold shoulder"

It's been a couple of tough days for Audrey.
She's had her "Good Grief" face on a lot.

Tuesday her home was invaded by scary, loud bikers and yesterday I brought some pretty field flowers inside and hid them in the cupboard.

"Why?", you may ask. Because she'll eat them.

And because they look pretty with my blue & white.

The yellow flowers are Field Mustard & Creeping Buttercup.
The pretty pink one is a mystery to me.

I'll be getting the cold shoulder for awhile.

hugs, Deb


  1. That would be your spiderwort...a Perennial!!
    Have a great day Deb...
    Linda :o)

  2. Ah! I have to say...Ah! Twice...!
    Poor Audrey!x I thought about you yesterday
    Audrey..All those noisy large things, with BIG
    wheels...HeHe! Horrid things!
    And! And! Cut flowers...I don't do cut flowers, l
    like to see them 'growing' in gardens, hedgerows
    and fields..Period! Not in vases, where there lives
    are cut by half...They deserve a long life, so bees
    and other insects can enjoy them...Not stuck in a
    vase on a window sill....! :).

    Willie...That was ALL a bit strong...Well! poor Audrey,
    depriving her of a few petals...To brighten up her day!
    Bless her little cotton paws! :>).

    1. Deb, you're a lot more diplomatic than I. Gail

    2. That was Willie's reply, Gail. All in fun. :)

    3. Mea culpa. Gail

  3. Gee, Audrey! Scary bikers and not able to eat the have it awfully rough, little one! tee hee

  4. Awww Audrey, bikers are normally very gentle people. Hope you get over your "good grief" soon!

  5. I've been hoping to see Audrey today. :) I can't have flowers in the house because of Bickett. He eats them and then throws up.

  6. I have several cats who consider any bouquet as salad--if I forget to park a vase of flowers in the pantry overnight I come down to find nibbled green bits [sometimes barfed up green bits] and the remainder of the flowers stranded and wilted outside the vase.

  7. Like taking candy away from a baby! Sigh! Poor thing....

  8. Charlie thinks my house plants are for his munching pleasure...I guess in the long run they are!

  9. It looks like you and Gary had a great time yesterday with the bikers. It's great they could swing by to visit.

    I love the spiderwort! (I didn't know what is was either but thanks to Linda I do now!)

    I too love to have bouquets around my home to enjoy up close!

    Sending hugs to little AA. Poor Baby.


  10. Poor Audrey. Loud company and her people are hiding snacks from her. Sigh...the life of a long-suffering cat. ( good thing the people who love her really LOVE her !)

  11. Spiderwort? Gail

  12. I trimmed Clara's nails the other day (our grey cat) and she wouldn't speak to me for 24 hours--I really felt she'd be mad forever, XOXO

  13. Spiderwort!
    There seems to be an explosion of field mustard this year!

    Poor Audrey...

  14. Dearest Deb,
    Poor Audrey and we too had a previous cat that ate the newly opened orchid blossoms! Not a good thing as we did wait a long time for them to bloom.
    Yes, it is a Tradescantia or spiderwort.

  15. Poor dear. Those are so pretty, though, that the cold shoulder may be worth it! Gypsy used to be a flower knocker. I could never put a vase with cut flowers on the old wooden table because the water would end up on that and the floor. It became rather creative finding good places to display anything with water! Lizzie, on the other hand, is decidedly disinterested -- unless it has tall grassy things in it. Then all bets are off!

  16. Yummy flowers. How can a kitty resist?