Monday, June 29, 2015

Smile, Audrey.

This is a rare occasion that Audacious Audrey will let me hold her and have her photo taken at the same time. I had to be quick and prepared for this one. I was silently praying for "just one more day."
She sees the camera as her enemy. She stiffens and growls at it and once I heard her hiss. What in heavens does she think it is?

This was the second photo.

Sorry for the quality. I was fearing for my life here.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a great picture!

    And then.... Oh Audrey, you are such a character!

  2. Audrey, you sure are a pistol! Like my Angel, you apparently believe anything and everything wants to eat you...

  3. Audrey and Clara could be twins and I bet their personalities match too!

  4. OH MY WORD! Audrey. You remind me of our Shadow! Love you darling .

  5. Laughing right out loud with that last photo! :-) Oh my gosh, Audrey you are a hoot! The more I look at that picture, the funnier it gets.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. Ohh dear that beautiful Audrey .She is just like my Mikki .Mikki just cant stand it when i want to hold her .A big smile looking at your pictures !!
    Greetings Elisabeth

  7. Great photo of Audrey -- both of them! She is SUCH a hoot! Interesting about the camera-shyness, though. I wonder if it is the focus light meter. Sometimes as soon as that comes on Lizzie looks away -- but then she "comes back."

    No matter -- these are great!

  8. Oh Audrey :)
    You sure can tell you don´t like the flashybox *mol*

  9. Yeah, you are sure right: the camera is Audrey's enemy - but why??

  10. Bawh !
    She reminds me of some humans I know :)
    I love her quirky ways....

  11. Oh my! Poor Audrey! Poor you! Do you use a flash? Those flashy boxes are scary. She is still adorable.

  12. HeHe! Back on line after five days in the
    First Blog l go to....Audrey! Audrey! What
    on earth are they doing to you! :).
    As the song says...."Your a star..superstar..."!
    I've come to the conclusion...You are Lady GaGa
    of the pussy~cat world!x

  13. I LOVE that first picture but it looks like Audrey is saying, "I'll give you one second and that is all"!!! Sweet Audrey!

  14. Audrey is just too funny! Glad you escape the danger to tell of it!

  15. My Audrey quotes for the 2 pics would be, 1. Get that thing out of my face...
    and 2. "That's enough!"

  16. Deb, You are too kind. I love you Audrey! I have a weakness for grey cats, oh,ok any cat...I so enjoy your blog.

  17. Oh, I am LAUGHING!! The first one is SO good...she's even looking at the small miracle!

  18. My Badger is the same way. Once in a blue moon he will come for a pet on the head. He will let me brush him though. He loves that....

  19. Audrey is so funny. Charlie will let me take his photo, but hold him???? NEVER!!!