Friday, June 26, 2015


How can the month of June be soon coming to an end?
It's almost ridiculous how fast the warmer months go.

The tea-cup and saucer above are packed away presently but I look forward to using them again. They were a birthday gift a few years' back.

after news that our daughter had arrived safely at her destination (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) it was time to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.
The tea-cup today has no marking and was found in a thrift shop and the saucer is called Silverdale made in Hanley, England.

And one of my favorite herbal teas is

This is berry season so why not have a berry tea, too.
And what would go well with this tea?

A home-made berry blend muffin.  

Well, it looks like someone wants me off the computer.

It's time to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous, sunny morning.

Seven of these beauties popped up in our field last week where the retired-guy sprinkled some wild-flower seeds.
We'll be saving the seeds and adding these to our garden next year. :)

Hope your day is a sunny one.
hugs, Deb 


  1. I love berry season! And you are did it get to the end of June so fast?

  2. Wow...I love that poppy. I should find some seeds to plant!

    Yummy looking muffins.....and tea cups! Yes, where did June go? I blinked and we're into the last week already!

  3. I have a pretty Pink rose teacup from England that has June on it also. My Mom got it for me when she went to England many years ago! Love it. The mixed berry muffins look so good. Hugs, Linda

  4. Sierra's will must be obeyed!

    The muffins look delicious.

  5. Nothing like a cuppa tea and a sweet treat YUMMY ! lovely photos . My mum planted poppies when we were on our farm as a memorial to all the soldiers as my dad was one back then to ! It is a beautiful day here today sunny and cool breezes no humidity at all perfect . Rain over the weekend ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Glad to hear your daughter arrived safely!

    I love poppies...they just don't last long enough :(

  7. Your June teacup is so pretty and those muffins look delicious!

  8. Mixed berry muffins! Oh boy! Deb, they look wonderful! I sure would love one now.

  9. Those muffins look great! Hope your daughter has fun in Vietnam. We loved it there!