Monday, June 1, 2015

Audrey's life sucks

If you want to drop by and expect my bed to be made.....

please give me 'til noon. Otherwise, it's occupied by,
 as you can see, a great hairy beast.
"Audrey,get out of my bed and take your hair with you."

"Don't you have something else to do?"
"Something else to do? Well, let's see. I could brush these sheets and wash up those cute little cat dishes that read "Feed Me" now that you've enjoyed a delicious and prompt breakfast. Or perhaps I could replace all the items that flew through the air from my dresser top at 5:45am when the breakfast bell went off in your head. I could take a few minutes and look on line for a new window blind since mine has twenty cat nail holes in it. I know, I wasn't you."
But no, ...I'll leave you be so you don't miss your beauty sleep. I can only take so much of that mouth of yours, anyway.

                                        "My mouth?"
                            "That woman needs to know her place."



  1. Poor Audrey!
    The character assassination you endure.
    Tsk tsk.
    We feel for you!

  2. "Dogs have owners..Cats have staff".
    Nuff Said! =^o,o^=

  3. HaHa! I have blackout linings and they make an interesting pattern like stars in the distant sky when the sun shines through........yes, they've been well 'catted'!
    Hugs to all xxx

  4. You should know by now that Audrey runs the house and you are merely her servant. LOL. What we do for our cats!

  5. That last picture, those eyes! Are you sure you didn't hug her and apologize for pointing out all those bad things? :)

  6. Oh, my goodness.....laughing my head off here! There are days my bed doesn't get made because it's occupied!

  7. Audrey, the blinds?...Really? You so naughty...

  8. LOL! Audacious Audrey strikes again!
    Hugs and purrs .....

  9. Oh audrey, it's the cat hair on the sheets that drive us nuts not a cat in the bed! Funny funny cat!

  10. Burrowing under blankets and covers is a very fun thing to do, isn't it, Audrey?

  11. As always, just a delight to begin my day with you and your furry children.

  12. She and Lizzie must have been separated at birth! Although Lizzie Coco DOES let me sleep!

  13. My kitty is my excuse for not making my bed until afternoon. She likes to snuggle right where I sleep, of course to leave hair all over.
    But of course you know dogs have "owners" ; cats have "staff." (Oh, I see someone already beat me to that line!)

  14. Yes, I feel bad about displacing my beasts when they are comfortable on the bed, too. Fortunately, they are usually down by the foot, so I can make some semblance of a tidy bed.

  15. Sighs. Will the hoomins NEVER learn?! PS: your furs look purrfect against those sheets.

  16. Oh, just saw your blog header with Lily from last year. So sweet. Thank you for sharing that again with us.

    That AA is so funny!


  17. Hahaha!
    Love your bedspread!
    My cats used to love to get under the blankets, while I was making the bed!
    Hope you had a great day!
    Linda :o)

  18. I hear you!! What a precious spoiled little beauty.