Saturday, June 20, 2015

Morning discoveries.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the light was captivating bright and early this morning. A morning like this draws you out to walk around and check on what's growing and what needs some extra care.
I spent most of the day weeding, cutting grass and taking care of our old dog. He needs exercise to keep his legs and hips working so I walk him around the property a few times a day. At almost 15 years of age he does sleep a lot of the day but he also needs to be taken out for many pee breaks. He loves to eat and is now fed three small meals a day. I think at his age it is easier on his digestive system.
When he is awake he wants to be with me or the retired-guy.  I think his deafness has caused him to be more anxious about being alone. So, with all his needs he does take time from my day but I don't mind at all.

The Sundrops were in full bloom today. So pretty. The tomato and bean plants are healthy and my basil looks good. I placed another little birdhouse and some seed on an old trunk that was found inside the chicken coop when we were excavating. I don't know for sure but I expect it may have been my grandmothers. How wonderful if it was. And for that reason I'll always treasure it.

Later in the day, I looked over to see a very interested little chipmunk checking on the house and dining on the mixed seeds. Then...there were three. So, my suspicion that there was a family of chippies in our pile of wood logs was right. :)

                        "Welcome little chipmunks."
 It's going to be fun having them around.

hugs, Deb


  1. Nice photos! Unfortunately, we're not as welcoming to our chipmunks, who seem to be trying to dig into the foundation of the house. My two dogs have no interest in doing anything about it, so we just live with the chipmunks. LOL I too have an old dog, Misty, who is now about 17, deaf, and blind. I take her out on lead about 4 times a day and she also has small meals more frequently. I'm glad the dogs have us to take care of them. I wish everyone felt as conscientious about caring for dogs as you do. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Lovely photos. I love the chipmunks but they can be quite destructive I've heard. Sweet Kane is lucky to have such caring parents!

  3. Sierra seems caught up in whatever she's seeing!

  4. Kane is such a sweet looking dog. Everything looks so pretty chippes are dodging a black rat snake who must be feasting on them as I don`t have as many..have a great weekend,phyllis

  5. That place in the country perfect for you. Well actually you make the place perfect. What did all those little animals do before you moved in. I would love to have a chipmunk. They are in parts of NC but not here. I look forward to your posts every day.

  6. Hi Deb,

    It is good to hear that Kane has a nice routine for his "very senior" years. One of our small dogs lived to about 19 1/2 and needed much the same care for her last several years as Kane does now. She still had so much love to give and could yet recieve it, too. They have such a sweetness about them then. I am glad you are caring for Kane so well. Bless you and Gary.

    I love the bird house! So pretty! And I love that little guy sitting beside it, too.


    P. S. Is there a way you can have your wonderful photos not disappear in previous posts. I loved to go back and read them from time to time and still do even without the photos. Just wondering.

    The other night I needed a quiet place to just rest after a most difficult day and I read the first 4 months of Annie, Nigel, Bree/Rudy and Audrey being with you. It was just what I need to cheer me as they grew and became well. I am so glad you could help them recover. xo.

    1. Hi Lily - I made the mistake of using facebook as my photo host back then and now I have many photos to replace. I am working on it, though. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  7. Gorgeous morning light! We all should start a weekly theme of that.

    A chipmunk family....I can't think of anything more fun to have in your yard!

  8. Beautiful photos! We have chipmunks come visit from time to time, too. They are very cute :-)

  9. I just love chipmunks! So much more polite than squirrels. You are taking such good care of your senior dog. -Jenn

  10. How lovely! I have sundrops but never knew what they were called! And sweet Kane. What a life you two have had together!

    I love the chips that come to my feeder but the squirrel? Not so much!

  11. Dearest Deb,
    Lovely photos and it is not easy to care for aging pets... knowing too well that one day we have to let them go.
    Cute chipmunk!