Sunday, June 28, 2015

I deserve a muffin.

The grass is cut. No small feat.
Watered the perennials.
Relocated small rocks.
Filled the bird bath.
Weeded out the garden.
Smelled some flowers. :)

And last but not least...
Fed the chippies.

Now it's lunch-time and I'm ready for a cup of tea.
What goes great with tea? A muffin, of course. So...I'll have one. :)

The Tiger Lilies have bloomed.  =^..^=
They are located right at the front of the property and in the ditch over the fence. If they are in the ditch in front of my gate that makes them mine, right? :-)
Could they possibly be the same Lilies that grew there when my grandmother lived on this land? I remember picking them as a child and bringing them into her summer kitchen to place on the old kitchen table.I suppose they are the same plants and I love them more because of it.

I am forced to wear a hat with the heat of the sun. You could very quickly get heat-stroke just cutting your lawn these days. Although I hate wearing one I hate heat-stroke even more. The part of the property that will not be affected by the next building phase is quite big so it takes awhile to cut it with a regular mower which I like to use.
 The really long grass in the photos will have to be cut with a bush-hog as my mower just won't cut it. Then I'll start keeping it cut short from then on.
The retired-guy always cuts this grass with the tractor but he's too busy prettying-up the outside of the mouse-house so I volunteered.
I help where I can.
 We are almost done and no one has died. :)))

Back to the mowing...There are a few bunches of daisies along the side of the grass but I just go around them.   
Who could mow down a daisy?
My Morning Glories, Daffodils, Basil, Yellow Beans and Tomatoes are doing great. I have 3 wee tomatoes on one plant.
All the perennials from my friend, Susan are lookin' good.

 Ain't she sweet!

And speaking of sweet...
This was my company today.
How do you not smile when you talk to a chipmunk. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my goodness...what hard work! You deserve two muffins!

    Tiger lilies must love to grow in ditches....I see them along roadsides like that all the time here!

  2. You both look great in your hats!
    Sounds like a good days work, deserve a muffin!
    No rain for you? We have been nonstop since Saturday morning...
    Made the trip home yesterday....glad we did...I am sure the power went out at the cottage!
    Enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)

  3. Wonderful photos and post ! I love days like that to being busy out side with all the birdies and critters watching me as I chit chat to them all and the sun is shining . I love cutting the grass to with my tractor Betsy we have fun lol !Our Day Lilies or Tiger Lilies as we call them are almost in bloom they are slow this year .. Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. Looking good!
    We've had non stop rain for two days..the chippies come out for food ,then head off looking bedraggled.
    Jane x

  5. I'm mad for tiger lillies! Even their name makes me smile! Big clumps of them by the roadside always cause me to stop and gaze. Even if they are not exactly the same bulbs, they've multiplied from the bulbs your Gran had. Maybe with a bit of soil amendment encourage them to multiply further. And if I lived closed, I'd be the lady standing by the side of the road lost in the beauty of tiger lillies.

  6. I couldn't mow down daisies, either. I'd keep an eye for the seeds to come!

  7. Absolutely, that makes the lilies yours! :) I love the picture of you two wearing your straw hats. You really do need to frame that and hang it the little farm mouse house. I like mowing with a regular mower too. Poppy uses the riding mower. Neighbors have asked why I don't use the riding mower and I've explained that I like my push mower. Have your tea and muffin. Don't work too hard.

  8. Hi Deb, visiting after seeing your name on Linda's blog (Woke Up). I've been enjoying reading back a few posts about your life in the country and enjoyed it very much. I see a few familiar faces visiting here too :) Enjoy your day!

  9. Oh, what a nice post, Deb. Thank you!

    We are having it very hot, too, even for us in the desert of Eastern WA. The predictions so far are for 17 days over 100'... and each day they just keep adding another day to the end of the stretch. So happy for electricity and air condition units.

    Enjoy you Tiger Lilies! The photo is lovely!


  10. If the lillies are orange, then probably they were there when your grandmother lived on the property. We call them "ditch lillies" or "tiger lillies"and they naturalize all over the place.
    Rest up dear lady, you've worked enough for one day.