Thursday, June 25, 2015

What the morning brings...

7 A.M. at the mouse-house

The Lemon Symphony are just opening up for the day.

 Would you look at this guy. No one has taught him to share.

It's a morning of getting out to the flowers & giving the grass a trim.

I think I do need that second cup, though.
My youngest daughter is on her way to Vietnam to spend time with a friend who is there teaching.
I've had very little sleep and will be nervous until she has her feet planted safely on the ground.
You know the old saying; once a mother...

Hugs, Deb


  1. Everything's looking lovely.....!
    Ha! The little Chip...Enjoying all his
    'own' food...! :).

    Sun's out over here to...I've just put a couple of
    coats of Ronseal on the patio table! Looking good.
    Better than it did....!

    An old saying comes to mind to....
    "A son is a son till he finds a wife...A daughter is a
    daughter, all of your life".

  2. Deb, love all these photos, especially the cats, of course! And I *need* that butter knife, but I don't suppose I'd ever find it.

  3. What a glorious garden! Your daughter will be fine; use the peace of the garden and relax...while sending her thought bubbles of love and safety.

  4. Funny Deb, I posted about early morning too. If only I could write a post as sweet and fun as yours are. The Lemon Symphony is really pretty. That little chipmunk! Must be your sweet ways that draw all the cutest and sweetest little animals to your place. :)

  5. Lovely flowers and cute kitties and little chipmunk! I am sure your daughter will be fine, but I know what you mean. Mothers worry...I know I do.

  6. An early morning in the country; somehow, it's always better than one in the city. And that chipmunk knows he's on to a good thing...

  7. Lovely time of the day- the munk obviously has realized he can get plenty to eat here.

  8. Morning , sunshine, new flowers, a silly greedy chipmunk, and worry about a daughter flying far far away. I wold need a second cuppa too, to think, pray, and remember to enjoy the beauty in front of me because my heart is like yours... "once a mother".

  9. Hope your daughter has arrived safely!

    Lovely morning light! My favorite!

    That chipmunk...look at those cheeks! ha.

  10. Everything is looking great at the mouse house!