Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pretty weed

I'm not sure what these Spring flowers are but they sure are pretty. I gathered them up from behind the mouse-house where a pile of sifted soil was brought in by the septic guys. I love the new 'weed' but unfortunately this is the area where the daisies grew so I'm afraid they are now gone. I'll have to grow some next year.
Audrey looking for her bed-time snack.

Mildred from asked if I could remember my favorite tea-cup from my grandmother's summer kitchen cupboard. Well, yes I can.  It was china, red and black with gold on the rim of the cup and saucer and it had a fire-breathing dragon painted across one side. I remember thinking it was just 'the cat's meow'.
I had about a thousand cups of tea in it. :) with the same amount of cookies.

I would love to have it today and I always keep my eye open for one similar whenever I am in a thrift or antique shop.
I've also looked on-line.

It was very gloomy here yesterday.
I was working with my header but my computer is not up to par right now.
The header I am using is from 2014.
It's nice to feature Lily again.

Sierra did some modeling this morning.
She always steps up to the plate (or would that be a tiny saucer of milk) for me.

Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.
I need some Gwynn-time today so I plan to be busy.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ah! That's lovely!
    Flossy popped round earlier for her saucer of milk,
    and finished up having three..Flossy lives a couple
    doors down. And pops round for her milk. At this
    moment in time, l'm on the PC..and she's asleep on
    the bed behind me! She's had a little play on the
    upstairs bannisters, and tired her self out! Bless!
    Was that a snore Flossy!!! :>)

  2. I love how your kitties seem to enjoy 'modeling' - perhaps they'll require an agent some day, haha! Make sure Sierra doesn't knock the teacups off the sill.
    The flower looks very much like rapeseed - we saw fields of it growing in Europe - or perhaps it's field mustard!
    Your bird collection is lovely - I've just added a new glass one to my small collection - met the glassblower in Wertheim, Germany - will post on him later. So hard trying to catch up and as I'm off again next week! It's going to take a while to share all the wonderful places.
    Hugs dear Deb - Mary

  3. Bed-time snack! Cats! Mine have talked me into bed-time snack, morning snack, midday snack, midnight snack... Cats!

  4. We've managed to cut out the snacks for the cats, but not for the humans! Ugh, battle of the bulge!

  5. Sierra is a beauty! I love her sweet face!

    The weeds are gorgeous! Definitely vase-worthy!

    Star improved so much yesterday....something just clicked and she lapped up a ton of cat milk/water combination many times during the day. Maybe it had something to do with how she felt physically and just turned a corner. She also trotted around and even teased a little...all good signs! yay! She still doesn't groom herself, except for washing her face but maybe that will come in time.

  6. I believe I have the same tea cup you are describing except mine is green. I got mine from my grandmother. I have never seen another one like it. Love the kitties.

  7. Very nice shot of Sierra. She looks built a lot like our Julie... short, round, and adorable!

  8. The cup you remember sounds amazing. I hope you find one like it someday! I mostly remember eating pinto beans and cornbread at my Grandma's house...she made the best ever! I want a new header also but I can't seem to get it right. I'll keep trying.

  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories with your grandmother. One day, Gwynn will recount the great times she had with you. Could pattern be Miessen black dragon? Gail

  10. The yellow weed really is pretty and the vase is perfect. We are on our third day of gloomy. The rain has stopped but today is still dark and cloudy.