Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another mouth to feed

After our Fish & Chip dinner tonight at 'the little pub with a lot of spirit',  I was walking to the car when I spotted two little cat-ears in the grass over against a building. I was pretty sure it wasn't what you see to the left of this. "I'll just take a look, I assured Gary." I pretended not to notice his eyes rolling into the back of his head as I tip-toed over. A closer look assured me that it was a sad, thin,  little smokey grey cat. There was no way of knowing if this cat lived at this building or was a stray UNTIL I gave it some fish. Now, you are thinking, "What does she mean...she had fish with her?" Yep, I always keep a portion of the fish for our dog as a treat so I offered the cat (from a distance) a bit of the fish. The cat damn-near choked on it trying to get it down fast enough. This cat was STARVING!
 So, lucky for him or her I have dry kibble in the trunk most days and I was able to leave it enough for tonight. A gorgeous smokey-grey, golden-eyed feline lying against a building in our friendly little town who is starving to death. "Holy Jumpin', I get so fed up with this."

I will keep going back to see if the cat is there and leave it some food until I can possibly get a hold of it. It may be someone's cat or it's been abandoned by its' owner but I'll do my best to help it.

The rain is back and thunder-storms are all around tonight. We are having such strange weather. Too hot today for April and more rain the last 4 days than we need. Kane hates thunder so he lies at my feet, under the computer as I post tonight. "Silly guy"

Brand spankin' new runners are sitting at my front door. Tomorrow I'll be waiting for the rain to stop so I can continue my mission to rid myself of the extra poundage I accumulated over the last few years. No eating in between meals and 3 walks a day are in order. I was doing 2 and felt great but no change on the scales.
When you are over 55 you pretty  much have to climb Mount Everest to lose 5 pounds. I am not kidding. It's ridiculous. So when I title this Another Mouth to Feed I don't mean my big mouth. I'm heading to the fridge for an apple when I really want a chocolate drumstick. But I do expect I will feed this little grey cat for awhile.

Tomorrow is another day and I can't wait to wear those shoes out.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Aunty Deb,
    My heart goes out to that little smokey cat. In view of your description of the weather there...hmmm....I hope he'll be fine. purrr....meow!

  2. I thank God for people with big hearts ..... you're wonderful!

  3. Cat from Sydney - When I got closer he/she ran under the building (I believe they are apartments) so I know it is out of the rain. It wouldn't let me near.

  4. I hear ya sister about loosing the weight...starving is about the only thing that helps! Poor little cat..I think they find you like they do me..maybe it is just that we notice when some people ignore. ;D

  5. Seems like your area have to many stray kitties. we live in a city and never see any here. I'm sure there are some somewhere around here, but we never see any.

  6. Fingers and paws crossed you somehow can get that little cat, poor thing.

  7. I hear the frustration in your post, Deb! There are so many cats wandering around. A lot of the cats around me are not feral but from the "look"of some of the males are not neutered. Of course they are very bold and annoy the heck out of my crew coming right up to doors and windows which results in total fur frenzy in MY house!!

    As for the poundage dropping I am right there with you!!

  8. So sad the life of some cats. If everybody would just spay and neuter. Which would not provide a complete answer, but it's a start. My heart goes out to that little cat. Thank you for stepping up to help him.

  9. Oh poor kitty. It breaks my heart to see these poor starving babies. Thank you for all you do for them. hugs, Linda