Friday, April 29, 2011

lights on

We have been without power for 2 days now since the wind-storm that hit us on Thursday morning. It is so weird being without hydro. I was so thankful that I could jump in the car and head to one of my cat-clients houses to see the lovely Kate walk down the aisle. I thought the wedding was beautiful. I loved that Kate carried Sweet William in her bouquet. Nice touch.

So the power is back on and the first thing I did after making a good cup of  tea
Pretty..but not quite what I want. (that's my daughter's cat Rae-Rae in background)
That's better.

was see how all of you are doing today.
Thank you for your comments about my Cali. The vet has already contacted me and her blood work shows that she is in kidney failure. Her thyroid is fine, her red blood cells are good, her kidneys are not. So, now I have 2 cats with kidney failure. The vet has given suggestions to build up her immune system and she says her need to eat more is probably just that she is sometimes not feeling great and the food comforts her. She may be right there because I noticed that she loves the attention that comes with it."OK...we'll see."  I am adding more supplements to her food and I will continue to feed her often and we will wait and see how she does. There is nothing we can do to stop kidney failure but she is just in the beginning stages so she may be fine for some time. Ginny is much further on in her kidney failure and still seems good to me. They will BOTH be watched carefully.

The grey kitty that I have left food for is hiding. I haven't seen it since the first night. I will keep putting food there and see it she shows up.There are building all around and many hiding spots.

Helma is doing fine and spends many hours a day keeping guard over her 2 acre lot. She is just a doll and I love caring for her. She is so happy in her world.

Scaredy kitty (remember the one under the bed?) named Buddy is out and about and today he had a nice brushing and was lying across my legs to give me his tummy to groom. I'd say we are just 'tickety-boo' now. Baby steps work I tell ya.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sorry about your kitties. Ours is still in the guest room. But can't get under the bed.

  2. Buddy gave you his tummy? Hurrah! You know, when a cat gives you his tummy, he gives you his heart!
    Hope the hungry little gray kitty can be found. In our prayers, she is.

  3. Wasn't that quite the windstorm? We were lucky and didn't lose power. Gladyours is back on .

    Good thoughts coming for Cali and grey kitty.