Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eyes on me

(from web)
I felt eyes on me last night when feeding the feral cats. I looked over my shoulder to see a grey tabby, I'd guess male from the jowels, and probably about 2 or 3 years of age. No doubt he was feral but he was also hungry and wanted to be first at the feast table. He let me get pretty close but then the eyes started to enlarge and fear set in.(him, not me)  I talked to him a minute and then let him be. He was hungry and just wanted me gone.  "Good Lord woman, get lost. I'm starving."

Easter is fast approaching and the list of cat-care clients for the weekend is getting bigger. I'll also be caring for Helma, the German Shepherd that belongs to my husbands' friend. Looking forward to seeing her again. So many cats; tabbies, roly-poly grey and whites, tuxedo's & black as coal. Time to load up on treats and toys.

Spring is popping up everywhere. The buds are out on our lilac trees. That's a sure sign. Mornings are always cold but if the sun comes out you can ditch the heavy coat in the afternoon. No complaints here after 6 months of winter.

Heading out to buy some chocolate bunnies for 'the kids'.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the chocolate bunnies! And I was pained to see snow on our cars yesterday morning. :(

  2. What gorgeous eyes that kitty has.

  3. ditto to my friend Mario's comment! Exquisite green!
    That bunny's butt "cracked" (no pun intended lol) me up!