Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden envy

Do you remember the movie 'It's Complicated'? My eyes would normally be on Alec Baldwin but in this scene I barely noticed was all about the garden. Just look at this. I just want to reach in and grab a red tomato.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? Look at the little fence with the trellis. *sigh*. My mom was a great vegetable gardener. She just knew everything being raised on a farm. I really should have watched more instead of just enjoying the results.

Well, it's pouring here and so much so that Kane won't be walked until tonight. It's dark, dismal and wet. This is a great day to get my things organized in the office. I am finally putting away all the paper-work and do-dads connected to my business I sold last October. Pampered Pups Pastries will be filed away and remembered as a fun and challenging time in my life. Taxes done, box filled and labeled and memories in place. I have cat-sitting and dinner preparation to focus on now for the Easter weekend. I am so happy to finally be doing what I love the most.

Sierra is in love with this Dream Curl.

She's been hogging it all week. She has even chosen to sleep on it instead of Gary. I think he is jealous ;-)

Hope you are enjoying some sun somewhere out there in blogland.
We are heading out tonight for the BEST FISH AND CHIPS ever and right in our own little town.
Have a great evening.
Hugs, Deb


  1. We have a dream curl in our house too! Both cats love it, Roxie sleeps on (in?) it and Kasey always has his morning scratch and stretch on it!

    Roxie goes crazy pants with it once in a while and goes through the opening flinging it across the floor. Kasey has also been known to sleep upside down with his head under it as well!

  2. I agree, Deb, what a beautiful garden !
    Sierra is so cute, lovely pictures !
    Enjoy the fish and chips :-)
    Happy Easter weekend,

  3. Great garden in that film. And as I recall, I was dying over her kitchen too. And, of course, Alec!

  4. I would love a garden like that, full of warm sun kissed tomatoes...I love tomoato sandwiches. Sweet cat..they sure fill our lives with joy don't they! :D

  5. I agree, that is a beautiful garden!
    Sierra is so cute with the dream curl :-)

  6. MOL..for Sierra 's last photo, Look like she enjoy her day.
    And the garden look absolutely beautfiul, Deb
    Have a great day

  7. I love your blog! Hope you don't mind if I keep in touch. Cats! How I love 'em. Cats and grandkids.

  8. I loved this movie!! And that is a very pretty garden. Sierra does look like one happy kitty! :)

    We had a bit of sun today here ~ woot woot!!!

    xo Catherine

  9. Fish and chips the old fashioned way ? Count us in!