Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Rawr".......she roars

Cali is not a cat's cat. She will sit up high and shout down obscenities every chance she gets.
You can stand next to her if you are of the feline nature but By not touch her. She will put you in your place faster than a speeding rabbit.
"Your mother ate dog food" she'll yell...putting aside the fact that hers left her in a ditch with her siblings. How soon we forget.   I've read that if a cat is hand-fed it will grow up to not know WHAT it or human so it may not like either. True in her case but she has mellowed over the years with the humans. And she loves our dog which scares the dog dander off him.

And being the cat-lover I am,  she has me wrapped around her little knee socks. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Thank you for a little laff this morning!!

  2. LOL that was cute..Ilove them too..grunpy or clinging! ;D

  3. She's so pretty....and sounds a bit like our Crissy.....who'd just as soon slap the X2#$% out of you as look at you, but we love her anyway....we tread lightly around her though.

    As I post this and see this adorable picture of Riley.... I catch myself smiling at her. She's so pretty! Love that little cap...

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  5. I wonder if that's a calico thing? Ours was just like that!