Friday, April 8, 2011

Quiet kitchen company

I always have lots of quiet company in the kitchen. Tonight Sierra & Ed joined me while I made a pot of Sleepy Tyme Tea & toast. Cats are like people that way; they like to hang out where the action and the food is. At least mine do.
It helps that there are lots of cozy spots for them.
Mr. Ed is deaf and I find that he sits and stares at me often. What must it be like to not hear a sound? I expect it is very isolating so I try to communicate with him with my eyes. If I have his attention and I slowly blink my eyes he will do it back to me. It makes me feel that we are connecting. 
 Deaf cats meow rarely or not at all. Ed has meowed twice in two years and both times he was upset because he was about to have his nails clipped. He is now used to it and although he doesn't like it, he quietly co-operates. He sleeps more soundly than the others.
 I also am very careful not to startle him by walking up to him quickly. He needs to see me first before I touch him.
Deaf cats have an extreme need for high places. Ed is always up looking down.
There you have it...a little on deaf cats.

hugs, Deb


  1. Mr. Ed has the same Cat pad we do! Our Angel brother Chuckles was deaf and HIS spot was on top of the refrigerator. We never saw his tongue stick out, though, heh heh. Chuckles talked a lot, and he had two volumes, "meep" and "HOWL". He especially used the HOWL at night!

  2. I learn so much from you, Deb! Mr. Ed seems so sweet, and I love how you communicate with him with your eyes..that is wonderful!

  3. I love how he sleeps with his little tongue hanging out!! Yes our cats are quite social too and like to be with us when we cook, eat, sleep, etc...

  4. Dear Deb,
    Mr Ed look like a nice guy : )
    When Mommy read about Mr. Ed, she a bit worry about me because I'm not talk much. I just do " Meow " when Dinner and when Mommy came home. But when she read till Meow Twice A Year then she feel release ! Because she can't read my eyes !

  5. Hi, Deb..thanks for the great post on deaf cats. I didn't know about the things you mentioned. I'm told I have selective hearing. I think that's when you hear only what you want to hear!

    Have a good weekend!


  6. What a beautiful boy! And that little pink tongue is just too adorable. He has one of those soft,, lovely faces you want to cover with kisses. How wonderful he has a beautiful kitty friend to keep him company.

  7. That really was interesting, we didn't know much about deaf kitties either. There were 2 deaf dogs that lived hear once, but that was before I got here. Thanks for the great info!

  8. Hi Deb! Thanks for telling me all that about deaf cats....I never sound like a lovely humanoid that looks after your cats really well.

    I agree with your cats - the best places to sit are always near food! :)

    From a cute cat x

  9. Oh Mr. Ed is just a giant love. I'm so happy he's with you! How lovely that you two speak to each other.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan