Sunday, April 17, 2011

Showers & a shower

It's been raining and foggy for 2 days and last night we drove through it on the 40l coming home from Kitchener. I do not recommend that.
We are celebrating Brittany & John today with a wedding shower planned this afternoon. Should be lots of fun and a chance to catch-up with everyone. I've mentioned I am shopping for the MOTG dress so it will be a challenge to see if I am tempted by all the treats. I have lost 1 pound this month. HA! HA! HA! That's what happens when you are past middle-age.  (Did I say that??)You also take things more in stride, thank goodness.

I think I see the sun peaking out :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Enjoy your son and soon to be daughter in law's shower. We are having a baby shower for Holly this afternoon! Look forward to pics.

  2. Good luck shopping for the MOTG dress. I remember the challenge I had when our son got married. Hope your weather improves soon.

  3. Deb I think looking for my dress for my daughters wedding was harder then finding her gown for cure. I did find one that was pretty, flattering to my 'mature' figure and comfortable also. Enjoy the shower it's always fun! hugs, Linda

  4. The thought of putting a dress ON, not to mention pantyhose, fills me with fear. You are a brave woman!
    Pantyhose is Evil.

  5. Yes, middle age does terrible things to a person. :-) Have fun at the shower! And enjoy finding your dress!

  6. Your kitties always bring a smile to my face. Yes, we learn to take it in stride. What else is a body to do?

  7. Such cute pictures of your kitties...
    I feel for you..... I don't like wearing dresses anymore.....
    Chico's slacks, a nice top and jacket..... that's my dress up uniform.
    Good luck!