Friday, April 29, 2011

Food...wonderful food

Tonight, driving home from caring for Helma, the shepherd,  I came across a fox. He ran out in front of the car and over to the ditch.
He stopped and looked at me and with my car lights I could see he was very thin. I realized that I have never seen one that wasn't a bone-rack. I then stopped over where I feed the ferals and before I was able to get back to the car I spotted two waiting in the dark up on the rocks. Just waiting for me to leave so they could eat. One was bold and headed over to the food with me only a couple of feet away. I saw he was drooling with anticipation. The other was more cautious. I've seen both of these two before and I'm hoping they get used to me and will let me near them. As I left I came across a couple of deer at the side of the road. They too, are out at night looking for food. You can't take your eyes off the road for a second around these parts. There are deer everywhere. I had already stopped before dog-sitting at the spot where the grey cat had been seen many nights ago. I left some food but there was no sign of it.
A very nice lady who cares deeply for animals dropped off a big bag of food yesterday. She said a neighbour had lost their dog and she thought of me and maybe I could use it. Yes, I can use it. It will get mixed in with whatever else is going to the ferals. They are always looking for food. It is what they do and everything is hungry. I know of 2 that will sleep with full bellies tonight, though.

It sure is nice to have hydro again. It was a little too quiet here.

It's been in the plans to make May my month to focus on 'Health'. Could be partly because of the upcoming wedding in our's all about that,  but I should be doing this anyway so this is a great opportunity or excuse to get started. I'll be hitting the streets, eating better, eating less, juicing more, drinking water by the trough, getting rid of all snacks in the house (sorry Gary) and enjoying more sleep. That doesn't sound so bad,  does it?

I just hope I can stick to this. I used to have great will power. Not so much anymore.Apparently, Kate's mom hardly ate for 3 weeks and exercised like mad before today's wedding. I won't go that far but she did look Smashing, didn't she?

hugs, Deb


  1. Aaargh! Hungry is No Good. Just ask the ferals. Don't diet for anything other than good health. Life is too short not to enjoy chocolate.

    And Bacon.

  2. Oh how I wish there was no hunger in the world!

  3. Thanks for looking after all those hungry kitties. You're a good woman!!

  4. Please take care, Deb, not to let the hungries get too bad! Julie is still trying to get over Easter dinner. She gorged on stuffed shrimp and carrot cake.

    Love to all the kitties and animals who find your food and have full tummies because of your kindness.

    Tom & Julie