Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bugs by Sierra

I love eating bugs.

"Ed, wake up....wanna eat bugs? Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed.....I love buggin' him"

I especially like the potato bug cause I guess they have potatoes in them. We had mice once come over from the field and appear in our pantry but, need I say more. That's been taken care of. (Yum!) Deb says that if we do find a spider or two they may be dipped in chocolate this weekend. WHAT!!!!! That woman is losin' it.
So, I am very happy Spring is here and the bugs are waking up. The challenge is to see if I can stay awake to eat them.
"Well, I'm awake now."

hugs, Sierra 


  1. Sure wish I could take little Rosie for you. She looks so much like my Hank.

  2. Sierra - dat is such a bootiful picture of you. I love chasing bugs - it's so fun. Ours are still sleeping tho.

  3. Sierra the Bug Eater,
    But you're so adorable, the bugs will surrender themselves to you. purrr....meow!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about my art Deb! Your kitties and your sheltie are so cute - I can tell you love animals as much as I do - stay warm up there!

  5. Thanx fur stoppin by and visiting owr garden ^..^ Da mom iz well aware of da Daffodils bein Toxic,,, but Thanxz you fur speakin up jus in-case... She had to tell some-one @ X-MAS about not letting putty tatz play wif Narcissussss,, she almost had a heart attack!! But she'z overly Dramatic.... and she said if you put Daffodilz in a vase wit oter Flowers, it will killz dem..... We aren't efen allowed to have mice or birdz cauze of poison & Diseasez.Geez,,, we can't have much!Anywayz...... (good thin she hazn't taken da Turbo Track away....yet)
    Purrz~ Ana

  6. I love eating real bugs too : ) crunchy, Tasty, Yummy Snack !
    But mommy won't dip in chocolate, it's toxic for us.
    have a great day Sierra