Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Preparation

Our crazy neighbourhood squirrels have been moving all the tulip bulbs around again. 
Tulips were coming up in the strangest places. We dug them up carefully and stuck them in pots to see what they will do. If they bloom and look great for the Spring then I'll be happy with that. The pots are sitting on my porch for now and look pretty cute. 

Cooper (our son's cat)  is getting his Easter preparations in order.
I've been Spring cleaning.  
And decorating the house for company and  planning the big dinner.  

. The sun was calling so Kane and I went for a walk along the Mississippi River in our town.
Everytime I look at him I think he is the most handsome dog in the world.

 It was quiet in our beautiful little town, as it should be on Good Friday and you could hear the birds singing their Spring songs. I spotted a few cats in windows...for another day.

I hope you had a quiet day. Happy Easter Preparations to you all.
Please remember that Daffodils if eaten are poisonous to cats. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Naughty squirrels! I miss them here in the desert.
    Cooper looks a little overworked, NOT!

    Happy Easter!

    Trish & The Horde

  2. Enjoy your Easter preparations and have a lovely Easter with all your family.

  3. Cooper ! I like the way you sit !
    You have a STYLE !!! Ha..ha..ha

    Happy Easter

  4. Funny squirrels..and Cooper..and I think Kane is mighty handsome too! Have a wonderful Easter! ;D

  5. I think I am in love with Cooper!

    I send you wonderful and warm Easter greetings for a lovely holiday! Enjoy!

  6. Happy Easter, Deb! That's a great portrait of you and Kane. He's a very handsome dog indeed! :-)