Saturday, April 9, 2011

You cheesy cat & garlic addition

I am making spaghetti sauce and it looks like someone is very interested in joining me.  Just being company and purring is great help in my kitchen.
No doubt she patiently waits for a piece of cheese. I am always trying to give them raw veggies but to no avail. If it is meat she is waiting for I'm afraid she will be disappointed as this is a vegetarian sauce. But she knows that cheese will go in it.
I think she has learned from our wild birds that if you keep your mouth open... food will enter.

I have come across a blog where the owner helped a dog who had ear infections and mange recover by the addition of raw garlic in his food each day. 2 cloves of garlic were put in his meat daily (65 lb. dog) and the pictures she posted of the improvement is remarkable. I will be considering adding raw garlic to Kanes' meals but I will go slow to see if he will accept it. Perhaps a couple of times a week to see if it helps with his ear infections. Kane has chronic ear infections and we struggle with this now for 2 years. We have tried many products and our vet has given us direction but it always comes back. I believe garlic is a healer but never thought a dog would eat it raw. See her April 1st post if interested.
hugs, Deb


  1. What a lovely post ,i love the photo's !!

  2. Hi Deb! Oh, little kitty knows where the food comes from. Look at that face, you know you can't ignore that pitiful little look!
    That's amazing about garlic. Never heard it worked like medicine. Hope it works for Kane.
    Little Riley is adorable!
    Be a sweetie,

  3. he he - sitting there with mouth open just like a baby birdie. So cute.

  4. I know the cat who love to lick the pasta sauce !!! and he is 14 years old now ! And he is a tabby cat as her : )

    PS : The photos of her are so cute !

  5. Beautiful cheese-lovin' kitty! And my dogs will eat anything, including garlic.

  6. That's fascinating! I always have garlic at home and that might be just the ticket! I keep trying (at the recommendation of my vet) to include "people food" in the Gyp's diet, but he's not biting so to speak. Maybe garlic would be good.

    Fabulous photos, by the way!

  7. Nice blog you have here! I'm very familiar with dogs and ear infections and most of the time, it's related to food allergies. You may have tried already, but I wanted to suggest eliminating all grains from his diet for a period of at least three months to determine whether he may have developed a sensitivity to grains. I see it happening a lot and in most cases, grains are the culprit. It just takes a while to see improvements, if any. Good luck!!